Detox in Los Angeles, California

When someone decides to get help for their substance use disorder, the first step is detox. This vital beginning part of treatment helps people learn to live without drugs and alcohol. Renewal Health Group provides a world-class detox in Los Angeles, California that empowers people to heal. Our experienced staff of addiction experts helps people improve their physical and mental health. We teach people to live without substances and reach their full potential.

How Does a Los Angeles Detox Center Work?

When someone goes to detox, they begin the all-important first step to becoming sober. The detox process lasts an average of five to seven days. During this time, the body sheds deadly toxins built up during addiction. This helps them begin to lose their cravings for substances and learn to live in a sober state of mind. 

Our detox Los Angeles program offers a menu of therapy options proven to help people overcome addictions. Exposure to the different therapies we provide helps people understand the source of their addiction. They also learn how to use healthy coping skills to avoid triggers. Detox sets each person up for entering the next stage of treatment with a healthier body and clearer state of mind.

Benefits of Our Detox in Los Angeles, CA

Too often, people assume going to detox means staying in a cold, clinical hospital setting. By contrast, our facility feels like a home and allows people to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Leaving the daily stressors of life behind while attending detox helps people really focus on their health. Each person receives round-the-clock care. In addition, we provide nutritious, delicious meals and housekeeping services.

Part of our detox in Los Angeles, California includes any necessary medications that aid in the detoxification process. Several FDA-approved medications help minimize withdrawal symptoms and ease substance cravings. We can provide these meds, which can actually decrease the amount of time a person spends in detox. 

Types of Drugs Treated at Our Detox in Los Angeles, CA

A variety of potentially addictive drugs cause problems in people’s lives. As a result, we offer treatment plans for many of them in order to meet the needs of those who need help. Our detox in Los Angeles team understands the intricacies of each type of addiction. We provide the type of treatment needed for each substance, giving you the ability to complete detox successfully.


Alcohol withdrawal can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Our detox program helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and keep people safe.


Stimulants such as cocaine can cause serious and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our specialized detox plan helps keep people safe and comfortable.


Withdrawal symptoms from benzo addiction can be challenging and dangerous, requiring a person to receive 24/7 care while undergoing them.


Fentanyl is a dangerous and often deadly opioid. Our detox program supports people through each step of going off the drug.


Withdrawal from this highly addictive drug requires 24/7 supervision to avoid harmful results. Our detox program guides people through the process.


While marijuana withdrawal symptoms may be largely psychological, it’s important to get supervised care throughout detoxing from this substance.


Detoxing from meth can be quite challenging and uncomfortable due to the difficulty of withdrawing from it.


Detoxing from opiates like codeine and morphine can be difficult. We help minimize the withdrawal symptoms that come with it.

Prescription Drugs

Even drugs that proved helpful initially can become addictive. Detox helps people get through withdrawal from all kinds of prescription drugs.

Begin Detox in Los Angeles, California at Renewal Health Group

Are you ready to take control of your life and conquer your addiction to drugs or alcohol? Renewal Health Group’s detox Los Angeles program provides you with the ultimate program for treating substance use disorders. The range of addiction therapy modalities arms you with the options you need to become healthy again. We help each person push the reset button and begin living a new life without needing substances.

If you would like to get started on our detox program, visit our admissions page now. We can help you take the first step today. 

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