Prescription Drug Detox Center in Southern California

Prescription drug addiction is a dangerous and life-threatening disease. Making the decision to stop is the first step in recovery, and something you do not have to walk through alone. If you’re searching for a prescription drug detox center in Southern California, you’ve come to the right place. At Renewal Health Group, you will be met with state of the art treatment, and an invaluable support system. Led by staff with years of experience, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. We understand the fears you may have, but congratulate you on taking the first step to recovery– it is a choice to be proud of.

What is a Prescription Drug Detox?

Detoxing from prescription drugs can be very difficult, even dangerous, on your own. At Renewal Health Group, our prescription drug detox is a monitored process, whereby all drugs are weaned from your system. When the effects of drugs wear off, it can cause withdrawal symptoms and some discomfort. 

We understand this can be scary, but with the help of our medical professionals, eliminating the chemicals from your body doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Our specialists are trained to keep you safe while detoxing from prescription drugs, and will provide treatment as necessary to help with symptoms.  

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Common Prescription Drugs That are Addictive

There are a number of addictive prescription drugs. Some of the more common ones include:

List of prescription drugs that are addictive

Dangers of Prescription Drug Addiction

When taken for the wrong reasons, prescription drug abuse leads to a variety of problems. Ranging from mild to severe, symptoms include: confusion, mood changes, fatigue, heart problems, change in blood pressure, paranoia, and even comatose and death. 

Some drugs and drug interactions can also cause organ damage, ulcers, difficulty breathing and digestive problems. Once an individual builds a tolerance to prescription drugs, there is an increased risk of dependency, addiction and overdose. When stopping prescription drugs, the user also risks dangerous withdrawal symptoms. 

Withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Irritability
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Hallucinations and delirium 
  • Physical pain

Physical Dependence

A physical dependence can begin quickly and abruptly. When this happens, the body tricks itself into thinking it needs the drug to function. Perhaps at first you notice a headache when you aren’t using drugs, or have difficulty concentrating. A physical dependence commonly interrupts daily routines. 

Psychological Dependence

In some scenarios, individuals who abuse prescription drugs may not experience physical symptoms. Instead, they are faced with psychological side-effects. These include: intense cravings, loss of interest in everyday activities, anxiety, and feelings as if they can’t live without the drug. 

If you’re ready to quit using prescription drugs, our detox treatment center in Southern California is ready to help. 

Man healing at our prescription drug detox center in Southern California

What to Expect at a Prescription Drug Detox Center in Southern California

When you decide it’s time to leave prescription drugs behind, our detox center in scenic Southern California is here to help. It’s common to enter our treatment facility soon after your last use of prescription drugs. Doing so helps address withdrawal symptoms before they begin. 


Upon arrival, a health assessment is completed, followed by a treatment plan. It’s likely at this point detox has begun, and It’s important to be transparent with staff in order to make you as comfortable as possible. If you experience any pain or discomfort, we can provide medications to help. Your safety is our number one priority during your prescription drug detox at our Southern California center. 

You may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, such as: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and rapid heart rate. Our staff is fully trained to assist you. 

Our Prescription drug detox program includes unlimited therapy– both individual and group, as well as leading-edge treatments such as EMDR, equine therapy, and psycho drama. With such a large variety of techniques to support prescription drug detox, we’re confident in our ability to work together for lasting results. 


Renewal Health Group carefully designed our addiction treatment facilities to promote a peaceful environment to heal and recover from prescription drugs. Treatment does not end with sobriety– we’re proud to offer additional assistance with job placement, community gatherings, and continued communication. We’ve found these accommodations promote long-term success of our residents. 

Additionally, our facility offers extended accommodations for our residents. These include:

Shabbat observance, on-call faith based chaplains, kosher cuisine and more.

Begin Our Southern California Prescription Drug Detox Center

There is no better time than now to begin your road to recovery. Detoxing from prescription drugs is not easy, but it is a rewarding decision that will impact the rest of your life. Renewal Health Group is trained and ready to help you through this difficult period. 

Our focus is on restoring health and happiness, and bringing back the person you were before prescription drug abuse. Our hope is to equip each person with the tools they need to remain free of substances and address the triggers of their addiction to prevent reoccurrence. 

Waiting for you at our Southern California center, is a team of specialists ready to help with your prescription drug detox. If you are ready, so are we. Contact us today to get started.