Medical Detox in Los Angeles, California

Do you have a drug or alcohol addiction and want to enter treatment but feel afraid of what detox will be like? What many people don’t know is that medical detox can make the process of going to detox easier and safer than a standard detox program. For that reason, Renewal Health Group created a medical detox Los Angeles treatment program. It helps people who have substance use disorders and want to make sure they have a safe, more comfortable experience when going through the detoxification process.

What is a Medical Detox Center?

Some detox programs offer little to no medical supervision. This can prove dangerous, particularly for people who have a history of abusing alcohol or opioids. Our medical detox program in Los Angeles provides the necessary medical care a person going through drug withdrawal symptoms needs in order to stay safe. Staff members, including doctors, nurses, and other medical clinicians, monitor each person in medical detox for any dangerous symptoms that may develop. 

Some withdrawal symptoms may be uncomfortable or stressful, while others can actually be dangerous or deadly if not treated immediately. A person undergoing medical detox receives quick intervention to treat their withdrawal symptoms. Not only does this provide a safer detox than a regular program provides, but it also can shorten how long they need to stay in detox. 

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Dangers of Detoxing Without Medical Supervision

Someone who tries to detox alone often does not recognize when they have developed potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If they do not understand what is happening and have quick access to medical intervention, tragedy can happen. With a medical detox Los Angeles program, this unnecessary risk is removed. Examples of dangerous withdrawal symptoms include changes in heart rate and blood pressure, diminished cognitive abilities, delirium tremens, psychosis, and hallucinations. As well, some people experience suicidal feelings. 

List of Drugs With Dangerous Withdrawal Symptoms

Any type of substance can cause difficult or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms when a person stops taking it. Having said that, two types of substances prove most likely to cause withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous or deadly if not immediately medically treated. These substances include:

Alcohol: When someone goes through withdrawal from alcohol abuse, they may experience withdrawal symptoms such as a change in blood pressure or heart rate, tremors, seizures, and hallucinations. An estimated 3% to 5% of those withdrawing from alcohol develop delirium tremens. Without medical treatment, this condition has a fatality rate of up to 37%. 

Opioids: Both prescription and illegally manufactured opioid drugs can cause dangerous medical symptoms to develop during the detox process. FDA-approved medications can be used to treat these symptoms.

Other substances that cause withdrawal symptoms that can become dangerous include benzodiazepines, stimulants, synthetic drugs, prescription drugs, inhalants, and hallucinogens. 

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Benefits of Our Medical Detox in Los Angeles

We understand how difficult it can be to make the choice to attend medical detox in Los Angeles. For this reason, we created a program that respects the needs of each person we treat. Our center employs a highly experienced staff of medical and psychological professionals who understand how to treat addiction. They bring their extensive skill set to the table to help empower people to leave drugs and alcohol in their past. We also respect a person’s privacy and provide discreet care that enables them to open up and talk about their addiction and create goals for getting better.

People with substance use disorders need access to several types of treatment-related therapy. We offer a program comprised of several types of therapy modalities. Each person can take advantage of the therapies that will most benefit them and allow them to take control of their lives. The medications we can provide as part of medical detox can also make a real difference in how a person handles getting sober both now and in the future.

What Comes After Medical Detox?

Medical detox takes from five to seven days in most cases. From there, a person can move to a residential addiction program. This requires them to live in a facility for several weeks or a few months and receive care around the clock. This type of treatment can be particularly effective for someone who is coming off a long-term addiction or has relapsed multiple times in the past.

The other option is an outpatient treatment program which allows the person to live either at home or in a sober living home while attending therapy sessions during the day. Like residential care, this can last several weeks to a few months. Outpatient care can happen on several levels that range in intensity, depending on the needs of each person.

Begin Medical Detox in Los Angeles, California

Renewal Health Group offers a highly effective medical detox Los Angeles program that gives people a leg up on getting sober. With the help of our experienced staff, each person who comes to us for treatment can get the immediate medical relief they need for many withdrawal symptoms. This makes the detox process easier and safer and sets a person up to continue their sobriety as they move into the next stage of treatment.

Does medical detox sound like the right plan for you? If so, contact us today and find out how easy it is to get started living the sober life you deserve. 

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