Suboxone Detox in Los Angeles, California

Is an addiction to suboxone preventing you from living the life you know you deserve? If so, you may have questions about a suboxone detox. At Renewal Health, our staff is dedicated to providing you with long-lasting tools for long-term recovery. Considered a Schedule III controlled substance, suboxone is intended to reduce withdrawal symptoms from opioids, but carries its own risk of addiction. Here at our calm and state-of-the-art detox facility, our staff is trained to assist you during this time. As you detox from suboxone abuse, your comfort and safety are at the forefront of your treatment.

What is Suboxone Used For?

Suboxone is a Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, made from naloxone and buprenorphine. Many professionals prescribe this drug to reduce symptoms of opiate and opioid withdrawal. 

Suboxone works by binding to certain receptors in the brain, which helps to deter cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Although it sounds harmless, abusing the drug can be dangerous.

Man beginning treatment at our suboxone detox facility near Los Angeles

What is Suboxone Detox?

A detox from suboxone involves flushing the body of all traces of the drug, and working through withdrawal symptoms. As the body metabolizes what’s left of the drug, it’s likely withdrawal symptoms will occur. Suboxone has a long half-life, meaning its effects are longer-lasting. Because of this, detox can also take longer. 

It’s important not to let this deter you from a suboxone detox, however. Suboxone abuse is dangerous and addictive. When done in a facility with trained staff, this is a safe process that has countless positive benefits.  

What to Expect During Our Suboxone Detox in Los Angeles

A sudden absence of suboxone is likely to cause withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms can vary based on the health of the patient, and their longevity of use. Withdrawal symptoms from suboxone commonly mirror those of opioid and heroin withdrawal. 

The team at our Los Angeles detox center are experienced in treating the withdrawal symptoms associated with suboxone. We will administer and necessary medications while monitoring each person to ensure their safety. Detox usually takes between 5 and 7 days and can be followed up by residential addiction treatment which is a longer stay and is geared towards helping each individual learn how to overcome their addiction.

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What Comes After Suboxone Detox?

Once a suboxone detox is complete, the body begins to heal, and as time goes on, so will you.  

Although your body might first feel a shock without drugs, you will soon learn to function even better without them. We always recommend continued support, whether that be residential treatment or some form of outpatient addiction treatment. In addition, attending group therapy, individual therapy, or utilizing a detailed maintenance plan can also help strengthen ones recovery from drug addiction. Doing so decreases the risk of relapse, and provides a foundation to heal.

Detox and addiction treatment are not a weight you need to bear alone. There are plenty of people ready to cheer for you as you build a new life, free of drugs.

Girl overcame suboxone addiction at our detox center in Los Angeles California

Begin Suboxone Detox in Los Angeles, California

If you’ve found yourself or a loved one struggling with suboxone addiction, do not feel ashamed. Asking for help is a big step, and we are proud to walk this journey with you.

Our Los Angeles facility near you is dedicated to providing a judge-free, safe environment as you detox from suboxone. Here at Renewal Health, you will have the resources and support needed for long-term success– from our knowledgeable staff, to our comfortable amenities. 

When you’re ready, our expertly trained staff is here to offer a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.  Contact us today to get started.