Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Los Angeles, CA uses specific elements that target unhealthy feelings, thoughts, and actions and teaches people to replace them with healthy ones. At Renewal Health Group, our trained therapeutic staff offers CBT that helps treat addiction.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of talk therapy used by many therapists. At its heart, it teaches people to identify their negative thought patterns and how these can influence how they feel and behave. As a result, the person can learn to change these patterns, which ultimately helps them make better decisions. This proves particularly important for someone in recovery from addiction. Here in Los Angeles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows the individual to understand the power they have to develop positive and realistic thought patterns. Each time they apply the lessons learned from CBT, they become more practiced at learning to make healthy choices. 

Learning what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT in Los Angeles does to treat addiction

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How is CBT Used in Addiction Treatment?

CBT for addiction teaches people the power they have to stay sober and avoid triggers that can cause relapse. First, the therapist teaches the individual to identify their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how they correlate to the active stage of addiction. From there, the person learns to stop automatically thinking or acting in a negative manner. When they break these patterns, it opens the doors to eliminate the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that keep a person rooted in using drugs or drinking. 

Benefits of CBT for Addiction

Someone who uses CBT as part of their treatment for addiction can reap several benefits. Part of being mired in addiction includes losing the ability to deal with problems in a healthy manner. CBT teaches a person to assess each emotion and situation and problem-solve in a way that provides the healthiest outcome for them. They begin to make a habit of facing their fears and understanding they have the strength to make progress without hiding behind the veil of being high or drunk. 

Additionally, CBT helps people develop a realistic understanding of how other people think and act. This improves communication and fosters healthier relationships in their lives. As a result, the individual can feel more self-confident and open to new ideas.

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How CBT Therapy Treats Mental Health

Therapists often use CBT to treat mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can also help people with eating disorders or specific phobias. The National Institutes of Health reports that CBT helps people identify and stop using avoidant and safety-seeking behaviors. This helps the person stop relying on faulty beliefs that only serve to keep them rooted in their mental illness. 

Benefits of CBT for Treating Mental Health

Someone who experiences mental illnesses like depression and anxiety often cements a belief that they cannot handle certain situations. Additionally, they have trouble believing they can have positive reactions rather than the usual depressive or anxiety-filled ones they are used to having. The process of CBT helps reduce stress levels and increases the ability to think positively. When a person’s thinking process is more balanced, they develop a stronger ability to deal with stress and depression. 

A further benefit is that CBT can be used to treat both addiction and mental illness at the same time. When one area improves, it often influences a person’s ability to heal in the other area. 

What to Expect During Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles, California

When someone participates in our CBT for addiction, they will be led by a trained Cognitive Behavioral therapist. CBT is only one of several types of talk therapy we provide. Each person will be assessed to determine which types of therapy provide the right benefits for them. Along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions in Los Angeles, we can provide any necessary medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms that occur. This includes physical ones and emotional ones, such as anxiety, depression, or moodiness.

Our staff has years of experience treating addiction and knows how to make every person feel comfortable. We offer compassionate care in a private setting that allows you to heal with the full support system you need. We also make recommendations for any follow-up care needed after you complete our program.

Begin CBT in Los Angeles, California Today

Having a variety of choices for treatment for substance use disorders can make the difference between relapsing and staying sober for life. Renewal Health Group offers a CBT for addiction therapy program that helps rewire the way people think, feel, and act. This helps prepare them to avoid temptations to relapse back into using drugs or alcohol. We offer residential and outpatient programs that fit the needs of a diverse population of people. Our goal is to partner with you in order to help you put addiction in your past.

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