Opioid Rehab in Los Angeles, California

When someone develops an addiction to opioids, it creates problems in multiple areas of their lives. Opioid abuse contributes to poor physical and mental health and causes friction in personal relationships with family and other loved ones. In addition, it can make a person incapable of performing well on the job, in school, or when planning their future. Renewal Health Group created an opioid rehab program that helps people get back on their feet and overcome their substance use disorders. With our help, attending our residential or outpatient programs allows people to stop abusing opioids and return to living healthy lives.

What is an Opioid Rehab?

When someone becomes addicted to opioid drugs, they will require professional treatment from addiction specialists. Attending opioid rehab provides people with the tools they need to understand what contributed to developing their addiction. As a result, they learn how to avoid triggers and live a drug-free life. Opioid drugs are derived from the opium poppy plant and are available either as prescription drugs or illegal street drugs like heroin. Other opioid drugs include codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine.

When a person takes an opioid drug, it binds to their brain and blocks pain signals from happening. This creates a sense of pleasure and can help people who suffer from chronic or severe pain. Unfortunately, prolonged usage of an opioid drug can keep the brain from naturally producing feel-good chemicals like dopamine. The body begins to rely on the opioid drug to make them feel good. If they stop taking it, withdrawal symptoms occur. At this point, going to rehab becomes necessary in order to safely detox and become sober. 

What to Expect During Detox From Opiates

Opiate detox is the first medical treatment option to help people overcome addiction to these types of drugs. Because of the powerful withdrawal symptoms, utilizing certain medications with 24/7 supervision is what makes detox the best option to begin recovery. You will have a full team of staff who will help you safely and comfortably overcome the withdrawal symptoms and who will help you transition into your next step of recovery. 

Opiate Detox Timeline

Opiates interact with receptors in our brain, and can become addicting within weeks. Withdrawal symptoms can occur as soon as six hours after last use, and peak at roughly 72 hours. 

Hours 6-12 

Withdrawal symptoms begin relatively mild, typically presenting as sleepiness, lots of yawning, and increased saliva. 

Hours 12-24 

As time goes on, withdrawal symptoms can become more noticeable: cramping, nausea and vomiting.

Hours 24-72

Withdrawal symptoms peak at this time. Clammy skin, goosebumps, sweating and intense fear and anxiety can occur. 

When it comes to any drug detox, it’s important to do so under supervision. Choosing treatment at our opiate detox center in Los Angeles assures it’s done safely and comfortably. 

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Benefits of an Opioid Rehab Center

When someone tries to quit abusing opioids on their own, they usually fail. This is because they do not have the benefit of being supervised and cared for by professionals in the addiction treatment field. Opioid rehabs have staff members that include doctors, nurses, therapists, and more who understand the nature of addiction. They use their years of experience in treating substance use disorders in order to help people become sober. Staff members understand that compassion and discretion are part of what makes a person comfortable opening up and learning to embrace a drug-free life.

Another huge benefit of professional opioid rehab involves how much easier it is to get through withdrawal symptoms. The medical staff can provide FDA-approved medications to help ease and minimize many withdrawal symptoms that happen when a person stops abusing opioids. This makes for a more comfortable experience during detox and the next stages of recovery.

Opioid rehab has many different benefits as these people get to experience

What to Expect at an Opioid Rehab

Part of what makes opioid rehab so effective is the array of choices for therapy that are available. Each type of therapy provided helps people understand their addiction and learn to overcome it. The therapy modalities offered can provide valuable tools such as learning to communicate more honestly, regulate emotions, and participate in healthy pastimes that promote relaxation. Some therapies can help heal past events like trauma or help manage ongoing mental health disorders like anxiety or depression that contribute to addiction. 

The types of therapy often available in a dual diagnosis drug rehab include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Neurofeedback Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

An initial assessment when a person begins treatment will help determine which types of therapy are a good fit for them. From there, a schedule of sessions can be created.


Opioid rehab is designed to meet the needs of people at several different stages of their recovery. Treatment begins with a detox program, which allows the person to begin to release the toxins built up during addiction that cause severe drug cravings. From there, the individual can transition into a residential program if they need structured care around the clock. 

After they complete that, or as an alternative to it, many people seek outpatient care. Outpatient provides several levels of care that take place during the day and allows the person to live in their homes. Options include outpatient programs (OP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and partial hospitalization programs (PHP). 

Begin Opioid Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Are you facing the fact that you have lost control over your use of opioid drugs or know someone like that? Renewal Health Group offers a focused opioid rehab program that zeroes in on the addiction and teaches people to overcome it. We offer a variety of therapies and medication options that help people become healthy in body and mind. Our staff partners with each person we treat in order to make living a sober life free of opioids a reality.

For more information, visit our admissions page now. We can answer any question you have about how our programs work and get you started enjoying sobriety right away.

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