Rehab for Professionals in Los Angeles, California

Stereotypes abound that addictions mostly happen to people below a certain economic status or within a select choice of professions. However, the reality is that addiction to drugs and alcohol does not discriminate. People who find themselves in the position of leaders of their industry, not to mention whose lives seem ideal to others, sometimes end up developing a substance use disorder. Renewal Health Group understands the specific requirements expected by those seeking rehab for professionals. We provide them with the combination of expert treatment and anonymity that they require.

What is a Rehab for Professionals?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can touch the lives of anyone, regardless of their status in life or their career choices. Still, many times substance use disorders end up becoming a disease that affects professionals in the work world. This includes doctors, lawyers, CEOs, politicians, community leaders, and others in high positions of power in the business world. More than 100,000 healthcare professionals have a substance addiction. 

People with these types of careers often face a tremendous amount of daily stress related to their jobs. They make lots of important decisions, oversee divisions or entire companies, and often work more hours than the average person. This sort of responsibility, especially when it happens over a long period of time, can cause a person to become at risk for developing an addiction. Another contributing factor is that the individual may be expected to attend a great deal of business-related social events at which drinking alcohol is commonplace. 

When a professional realizes they have developed a drinking or drug problem, it can be scary to think about getting help. They want to protect their jobs and reputations and worry they cannot get help in private. As well, they may have responsibilities on the job that make it difficult to take a break for an extended period of time for treatment. Our rehab for professionals incorporates all of these concerns and provides a discreet service that allows the individual to still honor work commitments as much as possible. 

In many cases, a rehab program for professionals will allow the individual access to the internet, computer, or telephone in order to participate to some degree at work. This allows the person to avoid a complete absence from their jobs. The facility may also offer luxury amenities not available at other locations. 

What is rehab for professionals like

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Benefits of Rehab Programs for Professionals

One of the big benefits of attending our rehab for professionals is how it allows people to seek dedicated help in a private setting. Each staff member understands in order for people to open up and speak honestly about their situations, they have to feel comfortable. As a result, everyone who comes to us receives the respect for their privacy that they deserve. 

We also recognize that it’s difficult to walk away from a busy, thriving career for a long period of time. We offer residential programs as well as outpatient ones. With outpatient care, the person can still live at home while attending treatment sessions during the day. This allows them to create a balance between receiving the vital, life-changing care they need and not dropping the ball in their careers.

One of the biggest concerns for people who go to rehab is what the withdrawal period will be like. When someone stops abusing drugs or alcohol, they will experience varying levels of withdrawal symptoms. We make it easier for everyone to get through detox and the initial recovery period

We offer medical support, including FDA-approved medications, that help minimize or eliminate withdrawal symptoms. As well, our staff of therapists offers an outlet to discuss feelings such as anxiety or moodiness that can happen when someone begins to live a sober life. 

What does rehab for professionals treat

What Does Rehab for Professionals Treat?

Our rehab for professionals offers treatment for many kinds of substances. We treat addiction for drugs obtained through a prescription, recreational drugs, and more. We can help professionals overcome addictions to the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Fentanyl
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • Opioids
  • Prescription drugs

Professionals put in long hours often under a great amount of duress. They are often expected to meet the needs of business owners and partners, shareholders, office staff, and more. As well, many have families who count on them. Trying to hold up under this amount of stress can cause a person to develop a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. When someone has a mental illness along with a substance use disorder, it’s called a dual diagnosis. Fortunately, we offer a complex treatment program for professionals who need help improving both their physical and mental health. 

Begin Rehab for Professionals in Los Angeles, California

Are you a professional who finds yourself struggling to stay on top of your game in your career because of addiction? Renewal Health Group understands that everyone who enters treatment for substance use disorders has concerns about maintaining their privacy. We created a luxury rehab for professionals that ensures each person can immerse themselves in top-level, focused treatment while maintaining their anonymity. Our variety of levels of programs meets the needs of even the busiest person. 

If you are a busy professional who wants to learn how to step up and get the finest care available, contact us today. Our staff is happy to explain how we can get to work helping you so that you can get back to work. 

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