Cocaine Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous narcotics out there, and a person can quickly develop an addiction to it. Renewal Health Group designed a cocaine rehab program in Los Angeles, California that provides the necessary medical attention necessary to overcome a substance use disorder. Whether a person has recently become addicted to cocaine or has been abusing it for years, we can help them become sober.

What is Cocaine Rehab?

Cocaine rehab is a professional addiction treatment program designed to help people overcome substance use disorders. While in rehab, the person begins to live life without using cocaine. Treatment starts with a detox program, which usually lasts five to ten day. During the course of addiction, the body retains dangerous toxins from consuming cocaine. Detox allows the body to rid itself of them and get through the initial stage of physical cravings. 

The next step in cocaine rehab takes place either in a residential center or as outpatient care. Residential treatment requires the person to live at the facility and provides the person with constant care. This works best for people who are not yet ready to return home. For those who have stable living situations, outpatient can work best. With this option, they attend treatment sessions during the day while going home at night.

Understanding Cocaine Detox

Cocaine detox is the first step in the treatment of cocaine addiction. Abusing cocaine long-term causes the body to retain toxins that negatively impact a person’s health. Going through detox allows the body to rid itself of these toxins. Getting off cocaine should always start under the guidance of medical professionals. Our cocaine detox center in California provides 24/7 care that ensures each person receives the medical and emotional support needed. Cocaine detox usually lasts from five to seven days. Without detoxing in a facility with skilled medical staff, the person’s health can be in jeopardy. 

Problems With Trying to Treat Cocaine Addiction at Home

Many people search how to detox from cocaine online and quickly fall back into active addiction before the withdrawal period is even over. There are two problems with someone trying to quit abusing cocaine without help. The first is that most people who try to walk away from addiction without any help, don’t know how to reframe their mind. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms prove too difficult to endure, and the person begins using cocaine again. Often, this sets a person up to cycle through trying to quit over and over, causing them to eventually give up trying. 

Secondly, trying to quit using cocaine alone can be dangerous. Quitting cocaine is about more than just a person white-knuckling their way through cravings. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be painful and potentially life-threatening. For some, experiencing things like cardiac issues and seizures is a real risk. Without medical staff supervising a person going through detox around the clock, a person who is alone can be in real danger. This makes using a cocaine detox center in California vitally important. 

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Why Go to a Cocaine Rehab Center?

The biggest reason a person fails to quit cocaine abuse on their own is that the process is just too challenging. While they may start out with the best of intentions, the withdrawal symptoms often prove too difficult. The individual ends up returning to using cocaine, often after multiple attempts to quit on their own. 

Not only is trying to quit using cocaine without assistance usually unsuccessful, it can also be dangerous. Some of the withdrawal symptoms can cause physical distress and turn potentially deadly if not treated immediately. When someone uses a professional drug rehab, they have access to the medical care they need to keep them safe.  

Benefits of a Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine rehabs employ a staff of experienced clinicians who know how to treat addiction. This includes monitoring each person for withdrawal symptoms and providing relief for them. Medical options like FDA-approved medications that minimize many symptoms are offered to those who need them. As well, relief can be provided for emotional symptoms that arise. When someone stops using cocaine, they often begin to feel difficult emotions like anxiety, depression, and moodiness. Therapy sessions and any necessary medications can help alleviate these feelings. 

Cocaine rehab offers comprehensive care in a private setting. Whether it’s a detox program, residential, intensive outpatient program or outpatient care, the facility staff understands that everyone values their privacy. They take steps to ensure that everyone enjoys discreet treatment. In addition, our staff is trained to treat each person with dignity and compassion. We understand that anyone can fall victim to addiction, and we also believe that anyone can overcome it with the right program.

Benefits of our cocaine rehab center

Services Offered at Our Cocaine Rehab near Los Angeles

Part of what makes our cocaine rehab so effective is the number of different types of services we provide. We offer several options for types of therapy that help people overcome addiction. An initial assessment will help us determine which ones are a good fit for each person. The therapy modality services we offer include:

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What Comes After Cocaine Rehab?

The term “cocaine rehab” can mean a few different levels of care. Any type of drug rehab starts with a detox program. From there, a person can enter a residential program, which requires them to live in a facility while they continue to learn to live as a sober person. Alternatively, some people transition into outpatient care. With this option, they can either live at their home or in sober living housing while they attend treatment sessions during the day. 

When a person completes formal treatment, it’s important to follow it up with aftercare options. This can include staying in individual or group therapy, going to support groups such as 12-step ones, and attending alumni programs offered by a facility. Recovery is a day-to-day event and requires people to work on it faithfully no matter how long after rehab ends. It does become easier to live a sober life, but it helps to have options in place to find support.

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Did you start out using cocaine recreationally and then found it spiraled into an addiction? You’re not alone. When someone finds themselves in this situation, they need medical assistance in overcoming cocaine addiction. Renewal Health Group provides a cocaine rehab that keeps you in a safe environment while you learn to live without the drug. Our team of medical and psychological experts guides you through each step of rehab. From there, you can return to living the substance-free life you deserve.

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