Fentanyl Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Addiction to fentanyl has swept across the country and caused many people to lose their health to this dangerous drug. Renewal Health Group created a fentanyl rehab program to help people overcome their addiction and start living a healthy life again. We offer different levels of care to treat substance use disorders, including outpatient and residential treatment. With our help, people overcome fentanyl abuse and learn to live a drug-free life.

What is Fentanyl Rehab?

Fentanyl is an opioid drug with an elevated risk of causing people to become addicted to it. It is synthetically produced and is 100 times stronger than morphine and up to 50 times stronger than heroin. Two types of fentanyl can be used. The first is called pharmaceutical fentanyl, which is available by prescription. It is used to treat serious and chronic pain, including post-surgical and cancer-related pain. The other type is called illegally manufactured fentanyl and is made illegally and sold by drug dealers. This type is used recreationally by many people who often do not understand the dangers of using it. 

Use of either type of fentanyl can result in developing an addiction. When this happens, the individual will need to go to fentanyl rehab in order to receive the proper medical supervision that keeps them safe. The term “rehab” can refer to several different levels of care that treat addiction. 

Any treatment for substance use disorders begins with going to a detox program. From there, the decision can be made about whether to continue with a residential program or transition into outpatient care. At each level of care, the clinical staff provides vital medical care in order to keep people safe. The goal is to teach people to become sober and avoid triggers that can cause relapse.

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Benefits of a Fentanyl Rehab Center

When someone attends a fentanyl rehab, they receive several benefits. First, the staff understands the intricacies of fentanyl addiction and exactly how to treat it. Staff members include doctors, nurses, therapists, and more. Each one has experience and a skill set when it comes to treating substance use disorders. They use their knowledge to provide compassionate care for people struggling to get off fentanyl. Everyone at the rehab also makes treatment a private matter to protect each patient.

When someone goes off any addictive substance, they risk experiencing withdrawal symptoms. In fact, once addiction has taken hold, virtually everyone will go through the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Fentanyl rehab includes the use of FDA-approved medications that help minimize and even stop the symptoms that can make completing detox challenging. When someone has a more comfortable experience during the initial stages of recovery, they are more likely to stay sober for the long haul.

Going to rehab also provides the advantage of peer support. When someone is lost in their addiction, they are typically around other addicts. When they attend rehab, they become surrounded by like-minded people who share the goal of living sober lives. In particular, living in a residential facility removes all temptations to use again and access to any narcotics.

Benefits of this fentanyl rehab

What to Expect During Fentanyl Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

Fentanyl rehab provides multiple levels of care. This means whether someone is just beginning their recovery journey or is several weeks or months into it, there is a level of treatment right for them. An initial assessment provided by the rehab medical staff will determine what type of program suits their needs. Options for rehab for fentanyl include:

Each type of treatment can be customized to fit the exact needs of the individual seeking care. A vast menu of therapy modalities is offered, creating the opportunity to design a program that benefits each person. For example, someone who has experienced trauma will benefit from trauma-based therapy. Alternatively, someone who has damage to repair related to their family may take advantage of family therapy. 

Once a person nears completion of treatment for fentanyl addiction, the rehab staff will prepare recommendations for an aftercare program. This can include attending scheduled alumni programs they offer. In addition, aftercare can involve continuing to attend individual or group therapy or joining a support group.

Begin Fentanyl Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Did you start using fentanyl as prescribed or as a recreational drug but then it turned into an addiction? This powerful narcotic has negatively impacted the lives of many, causing them to need to attend a professional fentanyl rehab program. Renewal Health Group provides specialized care for those looking to get off fentanyl consumption for good. Our staff welcomes a diverse population of people who are ready to change their lives.

For more information about our program, visit our admissions page now. We can talk to you about your insurance options and get you the help you need right away.