Opiate Detox Center in Los Angeles, California

If you find yourself facing an addiction to opiates, we want you to know that recovery is possible. Here at our opiate detox center in Los Angeles, our staff is trained to assist you during this time. During your treatment, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Choosing to detox from opiates can be scary, but you are never alone at Renewal Health Group. Opiates are a class of drugs intended to treat pain. Using them in any other way, or without a prescription, is abuse. At this time, opiate and opioid dependence is so common, it is considered an epidemic. Once an individual becomes addicted to opiates, it can feel impossible to stop using them alone.

What are Opiates?

Opiates are derived from opium poppies, and are highly addictive. Although often used interchangeably, opiates are different from opioids. They are considered a narcotic, and when used as prescribed by a medical professional, can relieve pain. 

When an individual becomes hooked on opiates, unfortunately the pain does not go away– most times it becomes worse. The body quickly builds tolerance to opiates, meaning the user has to take more in order to avoid withdrawal or pain. Opiate withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable, which is why it’s important to detox at a safe space, like our addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California.   

We understand this can be scary, but our specialists are trained to keep you safe and comfortable while detoxing from opiates. There are medications available to counteract withdrawal symptoms, making the detox process less painful.  

Commonly Abused Opiates

It is estimated over 16 million Americans are addicted to opiates. Once again, opiates and opioids are widely used interchangeably, and produce a relatively similar effect. 

The most commonly abused opiates include:

  • Heroin
  • Morphine
  • Codeine

There are also many synthetic versions of opiates, such as:

  • Vicodin
  • Percocet
  • Fentanyl 
  • Hydromorphone
  • OcyContin

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What to Expect at an Opiate Detox Center

Opiate detox is the first medical treatment option to help people overcome addiction to these types of drugs. Because of the powerful withdrawal symptoms, utilizing certain medications with 24/7 supervision is what makes detox the best option to begin recovery. You will have a full team of staff who will help you safely and comfortably overcome the withdrawal symptoms and who will help you transition into your next step of recovery. 

Opiate Detox Timeline

Opiates interact with receptors in our brain, and can become addicting within weeks. Withdrawal symptoms can occur as soon as six hours after last use, and peak at roughly 72 hours. 

Hours 6-12 

Withdrawal symptoms begin relatively mild, typically presenting as sleepiness, lots of yawning, and increased saliva. 

Hours 12-24 

As time goes on, withdrawal symptoms can become more noticeable: cramping, nausea and vomiting.

Hours 24-72

Withdrawal symptoms peak at this time. Clammy skin, goosebumps, sweating and intense fear and anxiety can occur. 

When it comes to any drug detox, it’s important to do so under supervision. Choosing treatment at our opiate detox center in Los Angeles assures it’s done safely and comfortably. 

Woman having opiate withdrawal symptoms at our detox center in Los Angeles

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

As the opiates begin to leave your system, it’s common (and normal) to experience symptoms from withdrawal. Symptoms can begin as soon as six hours after last use, and peak around 72 hours.

Most common symptoms include:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Depression
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Muscle aches
  • Diarrhea 
  • Physical pain

Psychological Dependence

Psychological dependence can occur just as quickly as a physical one. These side effects include: loss of job and relationships, cravings that won’t go away, no interest in everyday activities, and feelings as if you can’t live without the drug. 

If you’re ready to quit using prescription drugs, our detox treatment center in Southern California is ready to help. 

What Comes After Opiate Detox?

After your body is completely rid of the opiate drugs and toxins, you can begin healing mentally. Addiction oftentimes preoccupies users, taking them away from friends and hobbies. 

Once the opiate detox is complete, you will be presented with additional addiction treatment options such as:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Rehab Aftercare

Each level-of-care will have its own style of treatment as well as addiction therapies to choose from in order to individualize your treatment plan.

Begin Recovery at our Opiate Detox Center in Los Angeles, California

Our opiate detox center in Los Angeles, CA is a judgment-free, caring oasis, where you can safely recover from addiction. The road to recovery isn’t easy, but having a support system makes it far less challenging. When you become a client, you are our focus. We are dedicated to providing the tools necessary for long-term success and preventing relapse. 

Waiting for you at our Los Angeles opiate detox center, is a team of passionate individuals, ready to help you break the chain of addiction and take back control of your life. Contact us today to get started.