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Have you reached the point where you are tired of living a life ruled by addiction to alcohol or drugs? Getting professional treatment makes all the difference when it comes to being able to stop abusing substances and enjoy a sober life. Renewal Health Group created a highly effective IOP in Los Angeles that teaches people to understand their addiction and follow an evidence-based treatment plan that keeps them sober. Our staff meets with each person several times a week and provides multiple types of therapy that restore a person’s physical and mental health.

What is an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)?

There are multiple levels of care a person can use when they get treatment for addiction. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is the middle-level of types of outpatient care. It has fewer restrictions and takes less time than Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). At the same time, it also requires participation in more therapy sessions and offers more structure than Outpatient Programs (OP). 

Unlike residential programs, where a person lives in a treatment facility, an IOP Los Angeles program takes place during the day. Participants can still live in their own homes while receiving valuable addiction treatment a few days per week. Treatment for addiction begins with a detox program. From there, if the person does not require moving into a residential program, IOP can give them what they need. People attending IOP do not need round-the-clock supervision but still benefit from the guidance of addiction specialists multiple times per week.

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What to Expect at Our IOP in Los Angeles, California

The exact time commitment required of someone attending IOP in Los Angeles depends on a few factors. This includes the severity of the person’s addiction, their current physical and mental health, and their treatment goals. Therapy sessions usually take place three to five days per week for a few hours each day. This provides a healthy amount of time attending treatment while still allowing for downtime during parts of the day, at night, and on the weekends. 

Many different types of therapy are on the menu at an IOP program. Each one provides ways for a person to reshape their relationships with themselves, others, and the substances they used to abuse. Therapy modalities typically include both individual and group therapy. Many modern treatment centers also offer things like holistic therapy and trauma-based therapy.

Because of how common it is for someone with an addiction to also have a mental health disorder, treatment for both conditions should be available at the same time. IOP can treat mental illnesses such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and more. When someone learns to stop using drugs and alcohol, if tends to help improve their mental health. Conversely, someone with a mental illness who is receiving treatment often feels less of a need to cover up their painful symptoms with substance abuse.

Benefits of Our Los Angeles IOP

When someone stops abusing drugs or alcohol, they typically experience some withdrawal symptoms. While some symptoms prove more prevalent during the detox process, many continue while a person attends IOP in Los Angeles. A huge benefit of IOP treatment involves the availability of using FDA-approved medications to help minimize withdrawal symptoms. Medical staff monitors patients for any withdrawal symptoms and can offer options for making the recovery process more comfortable.

In addition, an IOP program puts people in the company of others who have similar goals related to working on sobriety. This type of peer support helps everyone stay focused on overcoming their addictions. They can offer and accept support and advice with one another. In fact, it’s common for people in IOP to build friendships that last beyond treatment, which gives them another resource for support.

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What Comes After IOP in Los Angeles, CA?

When someone completes our IOP in Los Angeles, they may step down to regular outpatient programming. This can include things like continuing individual, group, or holistic therapy. While the time commitment will reduce, outpatient care helps a person keep using the lessons they learned in more intensive treatment. 

Even after all formal treatment concludes, many people benefit from choosing aftercare options. This can mean still attending individual therapy appointments or going to support groups, including traditional 12-step ones and other options. Part of IOP includes an assessment that allows the staff to recommend the right next step after graduating from the program.

Treat Addiction Today at Our IOP in Los Angeles, California

When someone needs help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they don’t always need to move into a residential facility. Renewal Health Group understands how important it is to have options for outpatient care. This allows a person to create a balance between attending addiction treatment sessions and meeting obligations in their personal and professional lives. Our IOP Los Angeles program features several types of therapies proven to help people overcome substance use disorders. 

For more information about getting started on the road to recovery, visit our admissions page now. 

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