Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles, California

When someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol decides to seek help, they may not know what types of treatment are available to them. Learning to become sober isn’t just about going to a support group or the initial days in detox. Several types of addiction therapy can be used to help someone overcome a substance use disorder. Renewal Health Group provides several multi-disciplinary types of treatment in order to serve a diverse community of people in need. Together, we can get you on the road to recovery and a healthy, stable new life.

Types of Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Our program features a variety of types of addiction therapy that allow a person to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Each type of therapy has proponents that help the individual understand important things that show them how to become sober. These include getting to the heart of why they developed an addiction and predicting triggers to use substances again. As a result, they develop healthy coping skills to avoid relapse. 

When a person arrives at our facility, we assess them to see which types of addiction therapy will benefit them. From there, we create a treatment schedule that allows them to take advantage of each kind. 

Benefits of Our Los Angeles Addiction Therapy Programs

We strive to offer a variety of benefits to those who come to us for addiction therapy. First, we provide each person with access to a staff of skilled addiction therapists who provide a diverse array of therapy programs. Our staff members understand how to communicate with each patient and bring out the best in them. We offer a compassionate, judgment-free zone where people can focus on healing their bodies and minds.

Another benefit involves the different levels of care we offer. We provide a detox program that helps people stop their physical reliance on substances and prepare to live a sober life. We also offer world-class residential programs that give people a safe place to live and learn how to avoid any temptations to relapse. In addition, our outpatient programs give someone a place to go during the day while they continue their treatment for addiction. Daily sessions help them assimilate back into their lives while they begin living at home again.

Begin Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Renewal Health Group understands how important it is to provide truly effective addiction therapy for a variety of types of substance use disorders. Our skilled staff welcomes people from all walks of life who want to overcome their substance use disorders. We assess each person to find out what their specific needs are when it comes to healing from addiction. From there, we match them to the program that will help them achieve their sobriety goals. 

If you would like more information about starting addiction therapy treatment with us, visit our admissions page now. It’s never too late to begin a healthy, happy new life.