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Heroin abuse leaves its mark on the lives of those who become addicted to it. They lose their physical health, close relationships, and the bright future they deserve. Renewal Health Group knows how to help people face the challenges of a substance use disorder and overcome it. Our experienced staff understands how to help people face addiction head-on at our heroin rehab Los Angeles. We have multiple levels of care to help you or someone you love live a drug-free life.

What is a Heroin Rehab?

When someone becomes addicted to heroin, the only way to overcome the addiction is to get professional help. A heroin rehab in Los Angeles is designed to help people who have a substance use disorder involving heroin. The goal of rehab is to help the person get through the initial phase of detoxing. From there, rehab personnel teaches them to understand contributing reasons for developing an addiction and healthy ways to cope. Throughout rehab, the goal is to teach the person to live life without needing heroin anymore. 

The term “rehab” can cover several levels of treatment. The first step is detox, which is a five to ten-day process that helps a person get through the initial process of becoming substance-free. After that, the next step in heroin addiction treatment takes place either in a residential facility or an outpatient one. Residential treatment requires a person to live in a treatment center in order to get focused care away from their day-to-day lives. 

When that type of care is not needed, they can step down to outpatient treatment. The individual can live in their home or sober living housing and attend a variety of treatment sessions during the day. At each step along the way, the medical and psychological staff performs assessments in order to recommend what levels of care will provide the most benefits for each person.

About Heroin Detox

When someone decides to quit a drug such as heroin, the first step is detox. During the course of addiction, the body retains toxins from drug abuse that need to be released. This process helps the person stop their physical reliance on the substance.

On average, heroin detox takes from five to seven days. The timeframe varies depending on the length of addiction and the typical amount of heroin used. A person’s physical and mental health also factor in. During detox, each person is monitored for withdrawal symptoms, which allows a detox team to respond quickly to relieve discomfort. Once the individual completes detox, they leave behind the haze of being under the influence of heroin. This allows them to focus on the next step in treatment with a clear head and determination. 

Our heroin detox program in Los Angeles, California provides a safe facility and optimal support for this process. Our program includes a homelike residential facility where people live during detox. We provide delicious meals, housekeeping, and a safe, private place to begin healing from addiction. 

Heroin Withdrawal and Detox Timeline

The heroin detox timeline varies, depending on the person and the withdrawal symptoms they experience. Withdrawal symptoms may start as soon as six hours after last using heroin. Common symptoms during the first several hours include anxiety, shaking, muscle aches, and diarrhea. The person will also have cravings to use heroin. A typical timeline for detoxing is as follows:

Day 1-3: The first withdrawal symptoms continue and typically become more intense. New symptoms develop, including nausea, vomiting, and feeling tired. Many people also experience anxiety and irritability. 

Day 4-7: Withdrawal symptoms start to decrease during this period and should be mostly over by the seventh day. Psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and irritability tend to outlast the physical ones.

Many people develop post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) after the initial detox phase. These symptoms may last for several weeks or months and should be monitored by staff at subsequent treatment programs. Symptoms include digestive problems, nightmares, and continued anxiety or depression. 

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How Does Heroin Rehab Treat Addiction?

At the heart of treatment for heroin addiction lies exposing the person to several types of therapy. Each one has a proven track record of helping people overcome substance use disorders. Heroin rehab in Los Angeles will include several types of services that aid in teaching a person to understand their addiction. They can learn to avoid toxic relationships and surround themselves with positive people and environments. The person can use different kinds of therapy to put together a fulfilling drug-free life. 

The different types of therapy modalities available include one-on-one therapy. In particular, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) help people learn to reevaluate how they feel and react in certain situations. These therapies teach people to regulate their emotions and make smart choices that don’t involve substance abuse.

Other types of therapies include group, holistic, family, and trauma. As well, many modern rehabs offer neurofeedback therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). Both help people overcome heroin addiction and can also assist in healing certain mental health disorders.

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Benefits of Our Heroin Detox & Rehab Center in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to our heroin rehab in Los Angeles, one of the biggest benefits is our Renewal Health Group staff. We employ addiction professionals who know how to get the best out of people who need help getting off heroin and other drugs. Our doctors, nurses, and therapists use their skills, experience, and compassionate approach to help people start to live their best lives. 

Another benefit of our program involves our ability to help people move through detox in as comfortable a manner as possible. We provide options for FDA-approved medications proven to help reduce some heroin withdrawal symptoms. We assess each person so we understand if they could benefit from these medications. This allows them to have an easier time when it comes to both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms.

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What Comes After Heroin Rehab?

Once all formal treatment in a heroin rehab concludes, experts recommend people continue taking care of themselves with some type of rehab aftercare. This can include alumni programs the facility offers. Other options include visiting a therapist or attending support group meetings. Aftercare programs and activities help people face challenges that crop up in their daily lives. With this continuation of support, they prove to be more successful at keeping their sobriety going.

Begin Heroin Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Living a life that revolves around heroin abuse keeps a person from having the happy, healthy future they deserve. Renewal Health Group understands how to help people overcome heroin addiction for good. Our heroin rehab Los Angeles program features modern techniques used to conquer substance use disorders. We offer outpatient and residential options designed to fit the schedules of those who are ready to become sober.

If you have questions about how our program works, we’d love to talk to you. Visit our admissions page now for more information about how to get started.