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Benzodiazepines help a lot of people who struggle with anxiety and other clinical conditions. Unfortunately, they also come with a risk of becoming addicted to them. When this happens, trying to stop abusing benzos on your own can be dangerous because of the withdrawal symptoms. Renewal Health Group provides a benzo rehab center that puts you back in the driver’s seat. We guide you through detox and the next steps of treatment in order to live life again without needing benzos.

What is a Benzo Rehab?

Benzo rehab centers provide several levels of care that can take a person from day one of recovery to aftercare programs. The first step is going through detox, which takes five to ten days. This provides the all-important first days of living drug-free and should be supervised in a medical facility. 

After benzodiazepine detox, rehab can be done on an outpatient or residential basis. Outpatient care means a person attends treatment during the day while living in their home at night. If they need more intensive care, they can stay in a residential treatment program. With this, they reside in a homelike facility and get focused care around the clock until they are stable enough to leave. 

Benzo rehab includes multiple types of therapy such as dialectical behavior therapy that help people overcome addiction. As well, any medications needed to assist in minimizing withdrawal symptoms can be prescribed.

What to Expect During Benzo Detox 

Each person who comes to us for benzo detox in Los Angeles receives a complete assessment upon arrival. This allows our addiction treatment team to understand the depth of their addiction and their current physical and mental health. From there, we can provide a detailed treatment plan. As well, staff can anticipate likely withdrawal symptoms and explain the options for medical intervention to treat them. 

Our staff uses their years of experience and compassionate type of care for every person they treat. We partner with them to help make the detox process as easy as possible. As well, we recommend the right step for continued benzodiazepine addiction treatment after finishing detox. 

Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzo withdrawal takes several days and depends on a variety of things. This includes how long the person has been addicted and how much of the drug they usually took. Their current physical and mental health also factor in. With short-acting benzos, such as Xanax, withdrawal symptoms can happen quickly. Some symptoms begin less than 24 hours after the last dosage. Withdrawal symptoms from long-acting benzos, such as Valium, can take 24 to 48 hours to begin. 

Withdrawal symptoms tend to peak on the fourth or fifth day. They are the most taxing during this time, then begin to decrease. Most physical symptoms are over after 10-14 days, although long-lasting benzos may take longer to end. For most people, the emotional symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, outlast the physical ones. 

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Dangers of Benzo Addiction

Being addicted to benzos carries the risk of many physical and psychological complications. Once addiction sets in, many people quickly develop a tolerance to their prescribed dosage of the drug. They begin to exceed the number of benzos they should take in order to feel the same sensation or relief. This puts them at risk of overdosing, which can even result in death. 

Someone who never received a prescription for benzos but obtains them illegally may not know what a safe dosage for them might be. If they use the drug a few times without feeling ill effects, they may increase the amount taken. This puts them at risk of overdose and death, too.

People with a benzo addiction often end up engaging in risky behavior without realizing the possible consequences. This includes things like driving while under the influence, having unsafe sex, and more. Physical damage that can occur includes blurred vision, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, memory loss, and poor coordination. As well, benzo abuse is often combined with using other drugs or consuming alcohol. This puts a person at risk of excessive sedation, respiratory depression, a coma, and even death.

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Benefits of Going to a Benzo Rehab Center to Overcome Addiction

A benzo rehab center starts by getting to know each person who comes to us for treatment. Research and experience in treating addiction show that using a cookie-cutter approach to treat everyone does not work. Each person benefits from having their history with addiction and any past attempts at treatment discussed with their treatment team. We find out which benzos the person has abused and what dosage they normally take. We also assess them for their current physical and mental health. All of this information combined helps our staff understand the exact approach needed to help the individual overcome their benzo addiction.

Our staff comes from a rich background in treating people with substance use disorders. They know how to use their experience and compassionate approach to help people feel at ease accepting professional help. We believe each person deserves privacy and dignity while they take the brave step of overcoming addiction. We make this part of our policy no matter how long a person stays in our care.

In addition, Renewal Health Group understands the importance of aftercare. Once someone completes a treatment program with us, they leave with a plan in place for continuing their recovery journey. This can include continued one-on-one or group therapy, support groups, or attending alumni events. In other words, we can help shepherd a person through detox, residential, and outpatient care, as well as set them up for valuable aftercare treatment options.

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Benzodiazepines can provide great relief for medical issues, but they can also become addictive. When this happens, it’s important to attend a professional benzo rehab center in order to get effective, long-lasting help. 

Renewal Health Group understands the specific requirements for addressing benzo addiction. With this in mind, we created a rehab program that helps people stop taking benzos for good. We offer both residential and outpatient plans to fit the needs of the individual.

Would you like to know how we can teach you to stop abusing benzos? Visit our admissions page today and let us talk to you about your next step.

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