Group Therapy for Addiction in Los Angeles, CA

Group therapy can provide a real connection for people who have common goals. Addiction group therapy provides the sort of valuable peer support that helps each person in the group rise to the challenges of staying sober. It allows people to discuss their experiences, emotions, and fears and problem-solve together. Together, a group of people with the same desire to enjoy a substance-free life can make tremendous progress.

How Does Group Therapy Treat Addiction?

Group therapy provides a unique opportunity for people who all have something in common to come together. Under the guidance of a trained therapist, the group can work towards common goals. In the case of addiction group therapy, each person in the group is in recovery from a substance use disorder. The size of the group varies but always allows for each person to have time to participate in discussions. 

Each person in addiction group therapy will be encouraged to discuss the challenges of living a sober life. They can talk about their emotions, experiences they are going through, past life events, and more. This can help people understand how to process their feelings in healthy ways. As well, they learn to make choices that help them avoid the temptation of triggers. Knowing others deal with many of the same situations and complicated feelings can provide each person with the strength and confidence to continue in their recovery. 

This type of group therapy also teaches people who struggle with addiction that they are far from alone. Substance abuse can feel like it happens only to the person and they feel embarrassed about it. Group therapy for addiction shows them that millions of people become addicted and then go on to recover. There is no shame in reaching out for help; in fact, it shows the strength the person possesses.

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Additional Benefits of Group Therapy

Many benefits come from attending addiction therapy in groups. Often, people who have spent a great deal of time abusing drugs and alcohol have a history of isolation. They have lost touch with the art form of being social. Participating in group therapy helps people rediscover their social skills. It reduces episodes of isolation and lets people develop effective communication skills.

Addiction group therapy also allows people to become comfortable experiencing emotions and discussing them. Too often, abusing drugs and alcohol covers up difficult feelings, such as sadness, depression, anxiety, frustration, and feelings of trauma. Therapists provide a safe outlet for people to get real about what they are going through. Additionally, participants understand they are among people who will not judge them. Each person has struggled with addiction and is working towards staying sober for life. 

Discussions during group therapy for addiction aren’t limited just to talking about substance use disorders. People can bring up topics like dating, career choices, family matters, and more. They can provide suggestions to each other for how to handle a variety of life events in a way that supports their ability to stay sober.

How a person acts in group therapy can also influence the work they do in other types of therapy, such as individual therapy. Individual therapy takes place between the therapist and the person. How a person participates in group therapy can give valuable insight to the individual’s treatment team. They can develop a better understanding of how the person acts and reacts to a variety of topics and situations around others. This can be carried over to discussions in other types of talk therapy sessions. As a result, each person receives a well-rounded approach to all of their therapy services. 

The benefits of group therapy for addiction recovery in Los Angeles

What to Expect During Addiction Group Therapy in Los Angeles

Each person who arrives for treatment with Renewal Health Group will begin by receiving a thorough assessment. This allows our staff to understand their history with addiction, any past attempts at treatment, and their current state of physical and mental health. As a result, we can formulate the right treatment plan for them and set goals they can reach. 

Once the person begins group therapy, they will be introduced to the group. Many people tend to observe more than talk in the first few sessions in order to reach a comfort level with the process. Then people typically feel comfortable talking about their lives and opening up to receive support. As well, they will find that addiction group therapy offers them the opportunity to help others. This sort of give-and-take fosters confidence and compassion in each member. 

Begin Group Therapy for Treating Addiction in Los Angeles, California

Nobody understands the challenges of overcoming addiction like those who are going through it. For this reason, Renewal Health Group offers addiction group therapy that allows people who have the important goal of becoming sober to come together. This type of peer support helps everyone in the group rise up together by providing mutual support and inspiration. 

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