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At Renewal Health Group, we take a fresh approach to addiction treatment and help individuals find true bliss in their recovery here at our Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California locations. We see success not only in the prism of sobriety, but rather in the larger context of happiness and dignity. Our goal is to help you shine in other areas of life; whether it’s a successful career, creating healthy and lasting relationships, or finding meaning and purpose with a new found calling. We are here to help you discover the real you.

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Sanctuary is a awesome place. They helped me with my recovery a lot and I'm thankful for the staff, they were cool and easy to talk to. Shoutout to my therapist for helping me through the whole process and being awesome. My Sub counselor for helping me build a structure plan for my relapse prevention. My case manager for helping me with all my issues and problems. and lastly the alumni coordinator for always being there especially now with me being out of sanctuary. That being said the staff is amazing, sanctuary helped me find myself again/ saved my life, and I would recommend this place to everyone.
ali nikou
ali nikou
The staff was outstanding and helped me during a DARK time. Dr. Pearlman is a gem of a man and I am so grateful for the treatment I got here.
Joshua Abelar
Joshua Abelar
Elizabeth Homier
Elizabeth Homier
I was in need of help for my drinking. As soon as I called Sanctuary I was greeted with warmth and kindness. When I arrived the staff welcomed me and assisted me with settling in. My room was amazing all the comforts of home. I felt it a safe please to work on my sobriety. The staff was kind, the therapy was top notch and the meetings helped me find my truth and serenity. I will be ever grateful for my journey at Sanctuary. It’s a five star staff with a five star facility.
Justin Billingsley
Justin Billingsley
Extremely friendly staff Martine would get 10 stars if I could
Andrea Justiniano
Andrea Justiniano
This place saved my life and was the reason I stayed sober. I’ve been to other facilities and Renewal by far exceeded my expectations and gave me everything that I needed and was my favorite facility. I highly recommend this place for anyone that is struggling with addiction. Everyone is so kind and loving and made me feel at home in such a hard time in my life. Thank you so much Renewal!!! ❤️
Kyle Lindo
Kyle Lindo
Only reason I stayed sober!
ashley torres
ashley torres
I love Renewal, they’ve provided a lot of support and resources for me and friends alike and I’m so thankful!

Addiction Treatment

Levels of Care

At Renewal Health Group in Los Angeles, California, we offer multiple levels of care to not only help each person begin their recovery from addiction, but to help them reintegrate back into daily life, while learning the skills to stay sober and drug free long-term. Our drug and alcohol rehab centers in Southern California each offer many different types of addiction treatment including the three listed below.

Rehab Centers

Our Residential & Outpatient Addiction Treatment Facilities in California​

Renewal Health Group has multiple rehab locations throughout Southern California. Each addiction treatment center offers a multitude of programs, therapies and levels of care. Take a peek at our addiction treatment facilities below:

Phoenix Rising Recovery

Palm Springs, CA

Sanctuary Treatment Center

Los Angeles, CA

Renewal Oasis Behavioral

Palm Desert, CA

Discover A Life Of Happiness

“Recovery is not simply How to live a sober life, but rather the result of discovering Why to live a sober life. We believe that when there’s a Why there’s a Way. Discover your Why Today.”​

– Renewal Health Group –

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Addiction Treatment FAQ

Rehab is a structured program designed to help individuals recover from drug and alcohol addiction through therapy, counseling, and support.

Insurance coverage for rehab varies by policy and provider, but many insurance plans do cover some or all of the costs associated with rehab. Fill out the form on our rehab insurance verification page to learn what is covered by your insurance plan.

The cost of rehab varies widely depending on factors like location, type of facility, and length of stay. It can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Most rehab facilities offer programs that are covered by insurance.

Rehab duration varies for each individual and can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the severity of the condition and the person’s progress in recovery.

In rehab, PHP stands for Partial Hospitalization Program, which is a structured, intensive treatment program offering a level of care between inpatient and outpatient services.

When going to rehab, bring comfortable clothing, personal hygiene items, prescribed medications, a list of important contacts, and any necessary documentation like your ID and insurance information.

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