Meth Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Methamphetamines are a dangerous type of drug that can quickly move from a one-time experimentation to a full-blown addiction. When someone becomes unable to break the cycle of addiction, they will need to attend a meth addiction rehab. Renewal Health Group provides highly effective treatment for substance use disorders, including meth addiction. We provide detox, residential, and outpatient options that help people stop using meth and learn to enjoy a drug-free life.

What is a Meth Addiction Rehab Center?

A meth addiction rehab is a formal treatment program that helps people overcome their addiction to methamphetamines. Several levels of care exist within the framework of the term “rehab”. This includes detox, which is the first step. It helps people get through the trying first several days of living drug-free. 

From there, many people transition into residential care. They stay in a facility that treats substance use disorders for 60 days or more, depending on their needs. After residential care, or as an alternative to it, many people attend outpatient care. This takes place during the day with a variety of sessions but still allows the individual to live in their own homes.

The goal of meth rehab is to help the person accept the fact that they have an addiction and learn how to overcome it. Specialists in the field of addiction provide access to proven methods of therapy that help people stop relying on meth to get through their day. Medical staff provides assistance in treating some of the physical damage done by the drug. In addition, therapists help undo the psychological damage that occurs, including mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

What is Meth Detox?

A meth detox program in includes access to medical professionals trained to guide people safely through the drug detox experience. Doctors, nurses, and therapists get to know each person when they come to us so we know exactly what approach to take when treating them. Detox professionals learn about each persons history with meth addiction and tailor their treatment program to help them complete detox in as comfortable a manner as possible.

At Renewal Health Group, we offer medical intervention to help quell uncomfortable or painful withdrawal symptoms. Many FDA-approved medications can relieve or minimize symptoms, which helps people complete detox without any unnecessary suffering.  

Withdrawal Symptoms of Methamphetamine

While not everyone has the exact same withdrawal symptoms when going off meth, many of them are common. These include:

  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Shakiness
  • Sweating
  • Dehydration
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stomach pains
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • Cravings to use meth

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What to Expect During Meth Addiction Rehab

Meth addiction rehab includes access to multiple types of addiction-specific treatment. Each type of therapy modality offers a structured plan that helps people understand why they became addicted to meth and how to replace using it with healthy coping skills. 

In addition, FDA-approved medications can be provided to help those dealing with withdrawal symptoms. The medications can help ease physical symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and body aches. Meds can also help alleviate symptoms of emotional distress such as moodiness, anxiety, and depression. 

We also treat dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. This can include depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more.

Meth Rehab Services at Renewal Health Group

Services provided at our meth addiction rehab center in Los Angeles, California include different levels of care such as:

The types of therapy offered include the following:

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Benefits of Going to Our Los Angeles Meth Rehab for Addiction

One of the main benefits of attending meth addiction rehab involves access to some of the industry’s best experts. Our staff includes highly experienced therapists, doctors, nurses, and more. We believe in providing people with compassionate care that respects their need for privacy. Regardless of which level of care a person enters, we provide a judgment-free zone and friendly faces that partner with each person to help them leave meth use behind them.

When someone is in rehab for substance use disorders, they find themselves in contact with others who are in the same boat. This provides the benefit of peer support from people who also are focused on staying sober. When a person is surrounded by healthy, substance-free individuals, it makes it easier to avoid toxic relationships and situations in which they may be tempted to relapse.

What Comes After Meth Rehab?

Once a person completes meth addiction rehab, it is recommended that they still participate in some form of aftercare. This can include going to individual or group therapy, engaging in holistic therapy, and regularly attending 12-step type support groups. The treatment staff at the rehab program will prepare recommendations for each person before they complete treatment. The staff wants everyone to have the post-treatment help they need to continue receiving support and avoid the temptation to relapse.

Begin Meth Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Once someone becomes addicted to meth, they have put their physical and mental health at great risk. This dangerous drug causes damage to all areas of a person’s life and is nearly impossible to stop using without professional intervention. Renewal Health Group provides meth addiction rehab that allows a person to move through several levels of treatment successfully. Our caring staff of experienced clinicians offers the types of therapy that prove vital to helping people stop using meth and become sober for life.

To find out more about how we can help you or someone you love to get off meth, contact us today. It’s easier than you might think to begin a treatment program that saves lives. 

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