Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Renewal Health Group operates a series of addiction treatment centers in California that changes lives. We understand how to identify the cause of a person’s addiction and help them overcome this challenging disease. We know that you want to live your best life but just need a team of addiction experts to help you find the right path. We offer outpatient and residential plans to fit several needs and budgets. Our goal is to help people move from feeling lost to becoming sober and excited about their futures.

Levels of Care at Our Addiction Treatment Centers in California

When someone needs help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol, several levels of care can be used. In fact, most people need more than one type as they progress through the process of becoming sober. Our addiction treatment centers in California include everything from the first step through aftercare. 

Renewal Health Group believes in following through with each person we treat. We can help them get into our detox program, then recommend which level of care to attend next. Our staff uses their extensive experience to determine if a person requires residential care or if outpatient care will cover their needs. We even make sure you have plans in place to stay focused on sober living after you graduate from our care.

Benefits of Our Addiction Treatment Centers in California

When you attend our addiction treatment centers in California, you receive a world of benefits not found at other facilities. Our staff is comprised of highly experienced experts who use their skills in addiction treatment to help people heal. They understand the value of using compassion and expertise in order to help people open up and fully participate in their treatment. As well, we respect everyone’s need for privacy while they work on learning to live sober.

Withdrawal symptoms happen when someone initially goes off drugs or alcohol. Our program includes several options for using FDA-approved medications to help minimize these symptoms. We make sure each person we treat does not suffer needlessly. We offer help in the form of medications and psychological support to help everyone cross the bridge from addiction to a healthy new sober life. 

Begin Addiction Treatment at Our Treatment Centers in California

Renewal Health Group prides itself on our world-class addiction treatment centers in California. We provide residential and outpatient plans that offer a menu of several levels of treatment. Our admission staff gets to know you in order to determine which type of addiction treatment will fit your specific needs. As well, we can treat any mental health disorders you have, which allows you to enjoy both better physical and mental health.

Are you ready to take charge of your health again and become sober? Contact us now and find out just how quickly you can get the help you deserve. 

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