Video-game Addiction in the NHL

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The National Hockey League (NHL) is well known for their fast-paced skating skills as well as their missing teeth, and their epic fights that take place during their games. Off the ice, they are just as well-known for wearing suits to go along with their class act that entails little to no controversy. When news broke that an NHL prospect was about to be cut because of his video-game addiction, people could not believe that someone would forfeit their chances to be a professional hockey player because of video-game addiction.

Jim Marek of Sportsnet revealed on a podcast that an undisclosed top prospect for the 2018-2019 season may be cut before he even had a chance to play in the NHL. According to Marek, “I really doubt he’s going to make it to the NHL and it’s because of a video-game addiction. To the point where his general manager told me that they’ve had him go to counselling over it, because he’ll play until all hours of the night and into the morning, and then he’ll have no energy the next day. He’ll be a write-off. And it is that bad. He has this compulsion for playing video games until all hours.”

Addiction can affect anyone at any time including in the form of a process addiction disorder of gaming. A person that continues to engage in the compulsion of playing a video game despite the negative impact on a person’s mental and physical health defines what a behavioral addiction is. The person may receive a “high” from completing games and definitely also when there is a win involved that turns into guilt and remorse for the obsession they have for gaming.

Although having a video-game addiction may seem relatively harmless, gaming can eventually turn into a huge problem that can keep someone from connecting to the people that have in their life. They may also stop taking care of their basic needs of sleeping and eating healthy or stop taking care of their responsibilities such as suiting up and showing up for a hockey practice.

There is process addiction specific treatment facilities that can help someone that is unable to stop playing video games. A rehabilitation program is necessary to help an individual learn how to cope with the stresses that they are trying to block out by helping gamers address their behaviors and motives to help them to reduce their compulsions ongoing.

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