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Some passionate thought leaders got together with some very experienced clinicians and addiction specialists to brainstorm on creating a better path to recovery. They dreamed of a recovery center that will be fueled by compassion and empathy, awakening your inner spirit of enduring sobriety. They were ready to question the system and take a fresh approach to solve real challenges in our modern world.

The first thing that came to mind was sustainability. How can we help you stay fresh, clean and sober beyond our program and throughout the rest of your awesome life. They did not want a low relapse rate, they wanted a no relapse rate. So on these principles they created Renewal Health Group.

They built a program that does not only focus on how to remain sober, but rather on helping you discover why you want to live better, healthier, happier and of course sober. Because when you are armed with your why, you will find your way.

We ask the questions that stimulate the thoughts and emotions you need to awaken your uniquely positive character because we know you have it in you.

You are unique, your life is unique, and your experiences are definitely unique, this leads you to your own unique challenges, and appreciate that. We therefore have a very high staff to resident ratio, making sure you can get the individual support you need from our carefully chosen team of Doctors, addiction specialists, clinicians, counselors, and successful role models who have beat addiction themselves.

At Renewal, we believe once you discover your “why,” you’ll discover your way.