Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Substance abuse is a wide-ranging term which can describe a variety of harmful behaviors that involve both legal and illegal substances. Substance abuse, otherwise known as chemical dependency, can lead to disastrous results. For the user, it can result in prioritizing substances over families, careers, and relationships. Careful consideration is needed to determine if care is warranted. If you are struggling with chemical dependency, help is available! Contact our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles, CA to begin your journey toward a new life!

Many people use because the circumstances in their lives are so overwhelming, they find it hard to be present. Digging into the underlying issues are critical. Sometimes, the lack of coping skills are the reason to blame for where an individual finds themselves. Other times, it can be because of specific circumstances. Proper evaluations and treatment plans combined with assessing the presence or absence of a mental health disorder is crucial to long-term success. True freedom is within reach. Contact us today

What We Treat at Our Los Angeles Substance Abuse Treatment Center


Alcoholism affects people from all walks of life. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), more than 80,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths each year in the United States. And alcohol continues to be one of the nation’s most preventable causes of death, second only to tobacco and a poor diet/sedentary lifestyle. This does not have to be your story; there is hope experienced by alcoholics every day. We want to help you overcome alcoholism at our substance abuse treatment program in Los Angeles, CA.


In 2016, 116 people died daily from opioid-related drug overdoses. Additionally, 170,000 people used heroin for the first time, and a total of 948,000 people used heroin. 2 While these numbers are staggering, they indicate that if you are struggling with heroin addiction, you are not alone. You can begin your journey to sobriety and we can help. Do not let another day go by without letting our addiction treatment center assist you in taking your first steps toward a life of recovery.


Every year there are over 100,000 emergency department visits related to methamphetamine. More than 3,200 poisoning exposures have been reported to position control due to meth. 3 If you are addicted to Meth, know that there is a way out. We can partner with you if you are willing to connect with us. Let’s start substance abuse treatment today.


In 2016, the estimate of about 1.9 million people aged 12 or older who were current users of cocaine included about 432,000 current users of crack. The numbers correspond to about 0.7 % of the population aged 12 or older who were current users of cocaine and 0.2 % who were current users of crack. 4 Cocaine continues to provide a real threat towards living your best possible life. It is difficult but not impossible to break the hold of cocaine addiction. While the road to sobriety can be difficult, you won’t have to walk it alone. We will support you, let us join your journey. Contact our Los Angeles substance abuse treatment facility today.


Most people abusing benzodiazepines have been prescribed these medications for therapeutic reasons. Benzodiazepines accounted for an estimated 8,000 deaths in 2014 in the United States alone. 5 What might have started as a simple prescription may have morphed into an overwhelming addiction. If you need help do not be afraid to admit it. All you have to do to reach out is call us.

Prescription Drugs

When a person takes a prescription drug for a nonmedical reason, it can quickly lead to addiction and the need for drug treatment. In fact, 25 percent of people who misused prescription drugs by age 13 ended up with an addiction at some point in their life. The 2016 National Study on Drug Use and Health reported that an estimated 28.6 million Americans age 12 and over used illicit drugs during the month prior to the study. 6 Prescription drugs, while helpful in life, can lead to a difficult world of addiction and brokenness. If this is where you find yourself, know that you need not stay there. Likewise, know that people just like you have broken the bonds of addiction working with us. Contact us today, and let’s partner in your journey.

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Renewal Behavioral Health treats a wide range of substance abuse disorders, including the specific drug addictions listed above. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, do not hesitate to ask for help. Our experienced team of professionals are ready and able to help you begin your journey of recovery. Contact us today and begin again at our Los Angeles, California based substance abuse treatment center.