Which Six States Have Legalized Doctor-Assisted Suicide?

73 percent of Americans favor the right to die. Doctor-assisted suicide has become a hot topic for voters although it has been recently banned by the New York Supreme Court stating that it is not a constitutional right. The high court came to a 5-0 conclusion that backed what the lower courts had already decided. In similar fashion, 27 other states disallowed the bill to make it to the floor for a vote citing that it is unconstitutional.

“Assisted suicide” describes an adult who is terminally ill, yet mentally capable, who can make the decision to allow the administering of medication that will end their life instead of having to suffer with the pain that they experience. There have been strides made for the people that believe that someone should be able to decide when they are ready to pass. Some states have granted people that are terminally ill the advantage to end their torment.

California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Washington as well as the District of Columbia are the states that have voted to permit Doctor-Assisted Suicide. In January of 2019, Hawaii will be the seventh state in the mix to implement the bill that will give patients with six months or less to live the freedom to let a doctor take away their life.

Most of the state’s models for Doctor-Assisted Suicide requires an oral request for medication from a physician. The stipulations for the process to occur is that a person must be 18 years or older, of sound mind, and is in the last stages of their illness which is 6 months or less to live. Some states also mandate a second opinion and sometimes written and oral permission to be able to go through with the movement that gives them the right to die.

Death with Dignity Laws have made it where patients have the final say in what happens to them. By having a voluntary option with their final continuum of care, individuals that have made this choice can spend the end of their days with the peace of mind of knowing what will happen to them instead of feeling the torment that comes with the uncertainty of their terminal illness. These patients do not wish to be considered suicidal, incompetent, or depressed. The truth is that terminal patients do not even necessarily want to die, but by definition are dying, and just want to get the inevitable over with.  

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