Recovery for the Elderly

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Persons that endure an addiction may feel like they are trapped with no way out. Addiction does not discriminate because it affects all walks of life. Alcoholism and drug addiction can become part of a senior citizen’s daily life just as easy as anyone else. The elderly are just as susceptible to an addiction due to getting older and having to deal with adjustments to life that can happen later on.

Various changes for seniors can be result from retirement, death of a spouse, ailments that occur in the aging process, feeling bored, isolating, and not have the coping skills to deal with problems as they come. All of these elements can bring about substance abuse to keep from worrying about what comes next for them in such a late stage of their life. Elderly persons whose onset of dependence happened earlier in their life will have a whole different set of problems because of the longevity of their addiction.

The most common form of substance abuse for seniors is alcoholism with Benzodiazepines coming in a close second. Benzos are prescribed for anxiety, seizures, or for insomnia and often becomes misused. Using alcohol and Benzodiazepines together is dangerous for anyone at any age, but it is extremely dangerous for the elderly because of the potency that both drugs together pose.

One of the most efficient ways to get treatment for a senior is by trying an age specific rehabilitation center that have other seniors in attendance. Being amongst their peers that they can relate to is important for them to open up to one another. Getting a senior into an inpatient rehab is an important choice to make because having a medical detox along with around the clock care can make the treatment more effective. Focusing solely on their recovery can show them how to make the most progress with their condition.

Using addiction treatment as part of their health care directives from a primary physician can prepare them to take their treatment more serious because typically seniors have a close connection to their doctors stemming from the fear of aging. Keeping them in close proximity of their home and community will make their inpatient or outpatient stint more comfortable for them.

Once rehab runs its course, aftercare will be beneficial for the elderly to stay on the path of recovery. Having access to extended treatment programs can serve the purpose of offering tools and resources that can keep seniors free from addiction

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