Oxycontin Detox Los Angeles, California

Renewal Health Group is a leader in treating substance use disorders. Because certain types of drug addictions can be difficult to treat, we created an Oxycontin detox program in Los Angeles, California that helps people who abuse this drug. We provide all the necessary medical and emotional support needed to help people get sober and stay that way. Whether you need residential or outpatient care, we’ve got a plan that will work for your specific needs.

What is Oxycontin Detox?

Oxycontin is a brand name for a drug called oxycodone. It is classified as a semi-synthetic opioid and is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It comes in pill form, but people who abuse it sometimes crush it into a powder form and can snort or inject it. Oxycontin contains a high risk of addiction for anyone who uses it. This is because the drug is chemically designed to be similar in structure to that of an opiate called morphine. Even someone attempting to use it short-term for pain or recreationally may end up developing a substance use disorder. 

When someone becomes addicted to Oxycontin, they will require professional help in order to stop abusing the drug. Finding a program for Oxycontin detox in Los Angeles can help someone overcome their addiction. Detox programs are the first stop in treating addiction and take anywhere from five to ten days. They include constant medical supervision in a facility that allows a person to detox safely.

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What to Expect During Oxycontin Detox in Los Angeles, CA

Detoxing from Oxycontin should never be done alone. The withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to dangerous and even deadly. An Oxycontin detox in Los Angeles program provides the protection necessary that keeps people safe. In addition, this type of treatment improves the odds that a person will not only complete detox but stay sober long-term. 

A stay at our detox center begins with taking a full medical and psychological history. Our medical experts discuss the person’s history with addiction, how much Oxycontin they took, and how often. We prepare a profile of the person’s projected needs during treatment and explain the detox process to them. This way each individual knows what to expect and approximately how long they will be under detox care.

Each clinician who works for us has experience treating people with substance use disorders. They employ the most modern techniques in treating addiction in order to help people get the focused care they need. Treatment includes not only medical supervision and intervention but also the choice to talk to therapists to deal with any difficult emotions that accompany the detox process. 

If someone with an Oxycontin addiction also struggles with addiction to another substance, we can treat that, too. This includes alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs. We prepare people to live without needing any substance in their systems and enjoy a new sober life. 

Nurse explaining what to expect during Oxycontin detox in Los Angeles CA
Benefits of Oxycontin detox Los Angeles

Benefits of Our Los Angeles Oxycontin Detox Center

If you’ve ever tried to stop using Oxycontin on your own, you know it’s pretty much impossible. One of the biggest benefits of attending an Oxycontin detox program in Los Angeles, is that you don’t do it alone. When you check into one of our rehab facilities, we surround you with round-the-clock care. This helps keep you safe because we monitor you for any withdrawal symptoms that can happen. If they occur, we can quickly provide relief for the symptoms. This gives you a more relaxed time during detox without any unnecessary suffering. This includes help for medical symptoms as well as emotional ones such as anxiety, depression, and moodiness.

Remember that detox is the first step in overcoming Oxycontin addiction. Renewal Health Group also offers highly effective residential rehab and outpatient programs you can easily transition into after completing detox. Before you finish detox, we can prepare a plan for your next move. This includes deciding if residential care gives you the continued 24/7 care you need or if outpatient treatment will fit the bill. Finally, we also offer an aftercare program to complete our services. Aftercare helps you to continue to build on what you learned about how to leave Oxycontin abuse in your past. As a result, you can enjoy a long, healthy sober life.

Begin Oxycontin Detox in Los Angeles, California

Oxycontin addiction can quickly overtake a person’s life and compromise their physical and mental health. When this happens, they need the specialized help available at an Oxycontin detox Los Angeles. Renewal Health Group understands how difficult it can be for many people to stop abusing Oxycontin. We designed a program that addresses this addiction and helps people learn to live a happy, healthy life without the drug. 

Do you struggle with Oxycontin addiction or know someone who does? Let us help you heal from your substance use disorder. Contact us now and find out how to get enrolled in a program.