Why Should GHB be Feared as a Drug?

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Gamma-hydroxybutyric (GHB) is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter although is mostly known as a psychoactive drug. GHB is a synthetically manufactured drug that is used mostly for recreational use along with a few legitimate medicinal purposes. The main problem with GHB is that it is highly addictive and very dangerous when misused. This drug became popular from the euphoric effects that GHB produces along with the notorious reputation that ensued from being called the “date rape drug”.

When sold on the streets, GHB can come in liquid form or in a powder. An entire small water bottle of the drug, which is clear, odorless, tasteless, can be sold for a hundred dollars or five hundred dollars in certain areas or $5 for a one-time dose. Just a cap-size of the product creates a powerful high that will last up to five hours. The powder is also sold that is easily dissolved into any drink including alcoholic beverages that can be detrimental to an unknowing victim.

GHB consists of ingredients such as super glue remover, cleaning agents, rust removers, and paint thinners that contain extremely toxic chemicals. Making GHB is pretty easy in labs with someone who typically has little to no knowledge about chemical compounds. The manufacturing of GHB is a big business that takes about an $800 investment that turns around a profit of $100,000.

The drug tends to be very popular in night clubs, raves, parties, and college campuses due to the accessibility, the inexpensive cost, and the high that generally has no hangover.  Effects of a dosage will begin to hit around 20 minutes after ingesting it and users will take a few more capfuls of the drug to keep the buzz going for an extended amount of time.

At one time GHB was used among athletes and bodybuilders as an enhancement drug and a fat burner. The FDA eventually banned the product to keep people from using it because of the dangerous nature of the drug after 30 people were reported to die from GHB. People that have the sleep disorder, narcolepsy as well as cataplexy, have used GHB to obtain beneficial results from their disorder. GHB has also given people that suffer from alcoholism a way out by using the product to taper off alcohol to keep from having severe withdrawals although one should consult a healthcare professional to try this method.

With all the information that has been gathered about GHB, the results are mostly nil on the positive aspects of GHB. Anyone using GHB should be careful with the use of GHB because the drug can be more harmful than useful in most cases.

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