What Dysfunctional Characteristics Are You Displaying in Your Loved One’s Addiction?

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The family dynamic is usually always changed by the devious ways addiction infiltrates relationships. Someone that is addicted to mind-altering substances not only alters the brain’s chemistry, but also alters the connections with their loved ones. Family and friends begin to take on different characteristic traits to conform to the stresses that addiction tends to bring about. These mannerisms usually go hand and hand with the traditional family roles that occur with an addiction such as the hero, enabler, clown, scapegoat, mascot, or lost child. Along with these characters comes the personality traits that develop for the sole purpose of helping someone cope although they are dysfunctional in nature

Socially cognizant

This type of behavior stems from caring what others think about you. Instead of letting anyone know that you have a loved one that struggles with addiction, you will try to hide the truth about what is really going on at home by throwing yourself more into work or school.

Troubling conduct

With addiction running rampant, so does your reckless behavior. Most of the time you are blamed for all the problems that happen inside and outside the home to divert away from the addiction which makes you in return act out recklessly and irresponsibly to live up to the bad reputation that you have been given.  

Joking demeanor

Since there is a ton of drama that surrounds an addiction, you want to make light of the situation by trying to amuse everyone around you as way of deflecting your true agonizing feelings. Laughter is usually the best medicine except when it is at the expense of your pain.

Vigilant manner

You will protect your loved one until the bitter end because that is what families do. The overwhelming sense of responsibility that you feel to reduce the tension and torment that addiction provides your family gives you the duty of keeping the person who is addicted out of harm’s way.

Emotionally unavailable

By pretending that addiction does not exist will keep you out of touch with reality. Your ego controls your ability to acknowledge that there is any such problem by rejecting the idea completely.

Codependent tendencies

While you want to, you cannot make healthy decisions based on what you need. You only make choices that will please others so that you can strive to look perfect to the outside world and make others like you without confrontation.

Seeing how the different roles of addiction pertain to different character traits, can help to keep your family on better terms by changing the aspects that may hold you back during the addiction. To make addiction more manageable, find your part and make the necessary changes to help your family to heal.    

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