Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

Many people abuse substances because the circumstances in their lives are so overwhelming. Digging into the underlying issues that led to drug or alcohol addiction are critical. That is what our dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles specializes in.

Sometimes, the lack of coping skills are the reason to blame for where an individual finds themselves. Other times, it can be because of specific circumstances. Proper evaluations and dual diagnosis treatment plans combined with assessing the presence or absence of a mental health disorder is crucial to long-term success. True freedom is within reach.

What We Treat at Our Los Angeles Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center


The most commonly diagnosed form of depression isMajor Depressive Disorder.In 2015, around16.1 million adults aged 18 years or older in the U.S. had experienced at least one major depressive episode in the last year, which represented 6.7 % of all American adults. Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States among people ages 15-44. 7 If you suffer from depression, know that you are not alone and help is available. We can be part of that journey. Contact us today.

Bipolar Disorder

In a given year, bipolar disorder affects about 5.7 million American adults, or about 2.6% of the U.S. population 18 and older, according to the National Institute ofMental Health. 8 An estimated 82.9% of people with bipolar disorder had serious impairment, the highest percentage of serious impairment among mood disorders. 9 Bipolar disorder is not a simple “mood swing” the patient needs to “push through.” It is a serious condition that needs treatment. Let us help you. Contact us immediately.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric illnesses affecting children and adults. An estimated 44 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders. Only about one-third of those suffering from an anxiety disorder receivetreatment, even though the disorders are highly treatable. 10 There is no reason why you should let your anxiety go untreated. We will work with you to provide the resources you need to succeed. All you have to do is take the first step and call.


7.7 million Americans age 18 and older have PTSD.67 % of people exposed to mass violence have been shown to develop PTSD, a higher rate than those exposed to natural disasters or other types of traumatic events. People who have experienced previous traumatic events run a higher risk of developing PTSD. 11 There are ways to work through trauma; it is not an undertaking you should tackle solo. Let us work with you. We have the trained professionals that can assist you. Call or email us today.


During their lifetime, about 13 % of men will be diagnosed with ADHD. 4.2 % of women will be diagnosed with ADHD. The average age of an ADHD diagnosis is 7 years old. Symptoms usually appear between the ages of 3 and 6. ADHD is not just a childhood disorder. About 4% of American adults over 18 deals with ADHD daily. 12 It is common for chemical dependency to occur from treatment with these medications. Often, these dependency’s form from misdiagnoses which can easily lead to abuse of the medication. If you find yourself struggling with an abuse of medication, help is available. Reach out to us today.


Among adults with OCD, approximately half (50.6%) had serious impairment in their daily functionality. Another 34.8% of adults with OCD had moderate impairment, and 14.6% had mild impairment. OCD does not need to run your life. You can take control back through proper treatment and understanding. We can help. Contact us today.