Benefits of Being of Service in Recovery

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Part of the recovery process is being of service. If you are in a 12-Step meeting and hear that you must give back to others, you may feel like you have absolutely nothing to contribute. The truth is that you do even if you do not think you do. Everyone has their own personal gifts that make them special and that is how you will present yourself in the spirit of service. Once you start giving back, you probably will not want to stop because when you stop thinking about yourself and start putting your hand out to others you begin to get the benefits in which being of service generates.


By being of service, you will no doubt start to meet new people. Having contact with the people you that you are helping will make you branch out with other people in other ways. Becoming part of the group in return can make you feel like you belong when you may not have ever felt like you have before.


Self-esteem can be increased by taking the time to be of service to those who need it. The answer in short as to why being of service works for self-esteem – it makes you feel good about yourself. When you participate in things that make you acknowledge that you are doing the right thing, your confidence will undoubtedly be boosted.  


Being committed to recovery comes from never forgetting where you came from. Sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others is a great way to be of service and you will be able to relive why you had to get into recovery in the first place. You have to give it away to keep and your dark past can prove to actually be an asset.


Addiction has stayed around for generations with no reprieve anytime soon. Recovery needs to stick around for people to get the help that they need when they are ready to live in the solution. The only way that recovery can survive is to pass on what another person provided for you. Showing newcomers how sobriety works will keep the legacy of recovery going for years to come.

You do not have to make grandiose gestures when you are doing service work. Start out in small strides which could start with just showing up for a 12-Step meeting, then blossom into taking commitments at meetings, and then turn into a bigger scale of sponsoring people in the program. Everyone’s experience will be different and all you need to do is be willing to give back what was so freely given to you.    

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