Benefits of a Medically Supervised Rehabilitation Program

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Addiction is typically described as either a behavioral health disorder or a mental health concern. To most people, these descriptors would indicate that addiction treatment should be provided by therapists, counselors, and similar professionals. But compulsive substance abuse can also take a considerable toll on a person’s body, and medical support can be a valuable element of care. When you are evaluating the benefits of rehabilitation at various addiction treatment programs, be sure to consider providers that offer medical supervision.

Define Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation (which is commonly shortened to rehab) is a general term that can be used to describe many types of addiction treatment programs. 

Depending on the scope of a person’s needs, their rehab experience may include a variety of programs, including detoxification which safely rids the body or drugs and toxins, residential treatment, and outpatient care. But instead of telling friends or colleagues, “I’ve decided to enter a residential treatment program for a substance use disorder, after which I’ll step down to an intensive outpatient program,” some people simplify this by saying, “I’m going to rehab.” 

The benefits of rehabilitation can include:

  • Being in a safe, drug-free environment
  • Following a personalized addiction treatment plan
  • Taking part in several types of therapy
  • Having access to a continuum of care
  • Working with a team of experienced professionals
  • Getting help for co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Sharing support with other people who are also working on their recovery
  • Receiving a discharge plan that identifies sources of aftercare support

What to Expect at a Medically Supervised Rehab

When you receive treatment at a medically supervised rehab, you can expect that a physician, a psychiatrist, nurses, or other similarly trained professionals will be involved in your care. Benefits of rehabilitation with medical supervision can include the following:

  • Medications to ease drug cravings and other withdrawal symptoms
  • Programming supervised by a medical director and/or a nursing director
  • Professional care for basic medical needs
  • Access to doctors and/or nurses

These features can be valuable throughout your time in treatment, but they may be especially important while you are in detox.

What is a benefit of a medically supervised rehabilitation program during detox? It means that you can receive the most appropriate types of care while you are going through the difficult process of ridding your body of alcohol and other drugs.

Withdrawal can cause considerable physical and psychological distress. In some severe cases, withdrawal can even be life-threatening. But when you choose a medically supervised rehab, you know that your treatment team will be prepared for all contingencies. They can help you remain as comfortable as possible, and they can also safeguard your health. 

Most detox programs offer therapeutic support to help people manage their withdrawal symptoms. A medically supervised rehabilitation program can augment this service with prescription medications and other medical services as necessary. Receiving both therapeutic support and medical services while you are in detox can significantly increase the likelihood that you will have a successful experience. 

These combined services can also help you achieve physical strength and mental clarity more rapidly than therapy alone could accomplish. This can be a tremendous benefit, as it can best prepare you to fully engage in all aspects of your care when you transfer into the next phase of your addiction treatment.

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Benefits of a Medically Supervised Rehabilitation Program

Now that we’ve discussed detox, what is a benefit of a medically supervised rehabilitation program at other levels of care? Here are a few additional benefits of rehabs that offer medical supervision:

  • Peace of mind – Entering rehab can be an unsettling experience, especially if you’ve never been in an addiction treatment program before. Knowing that your treatment team includes medical personnel as well as therapists, counselors, and other caregivers can be a source of great comfort. No matter what obstacles you encounter during your time in treatment, you know that your team will have the training and experience to help you through it.
  • Comprehensive service – When you choose a medically supervised rehab program, you can rest assured that your team is ideally prepared to meet the full scope of your needs. The therapists and counselors that you work with can address the behavioral and psychological aspects of addiction and recovery. The medical personnel can help you heal from the damage that substance abuse has inflicted on your body. They can also prepare you for the physical challenges that you may encounter in recovery.
  • Medication management services – The potential benefits of prescription medications don’t stop when a person completes detox. Some people continue to use medication for an extended period of time as they work to establish a solid foothold in recovery. Others take prescription medication that can help them manage the symptoms of certain mental health disorders. Medication management services can be an extremely beneficial element of care throughout a person’s time in rehab. 

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The best benefit of a medically supervised rehabilitation program If a medically supervised rehabilitation program sounds like the right option for you, Renewal Health Group is here to help. We offer personalized addiction treatment at multiple levels of care, including detoxification, residential treatment, and an intensive outpatient program. Our services also include specialized programming for professionals, veterans, and individuals whose struggles with addiction are accompanied by certain co-occurring mental health concerns. Contact us today to learn more.