I Had a Slip in My Sobriety – Now What?

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I Had a Slip in My Sobriety - Now What?

You will hear time and time again that relapse is part of recovery. Staying sober can certainly be a difficult task and should remain your primary focus, but if you had a momentary indiscretion in your sobriety – just keep coming back. There is no shame in your game because everyone has blunders here and there and they are simply just a part of life.

Even though you may have to start over on your sobriety date, try not to let your addiction get the best of you. Get up and dust yourself off and get back into action.

Get to a 12-Step meeting

You may think that you are doing the walk of shame into a meeting, however, what you are actually displaying is the courage to come back and try to do something different. Once you get to the meeting and start hearing the solution, you will be able to breathe again.

Call someone

Do not try to go through a relapse alone. You need the support of your loved ones and recovery family. Although you may feel like everyone is judging your recent misstep, if they are move on and find someone that more empathetic.

Do work

Try to start moving along with your step work or therapy to try and figure out what you need to do to stay sober ongoing. Taking the time to get right on the inside can not only help you to stay sober, but make you feel better when you do what it takes to reconcile some of the things that happened in your past.

Get honest

Part of recovery is getting honest with the reasons why you relied on your addiction instead of finding other methods of relief. Admitting what the issues really are can start the process of helping to get truthful in all areas of your life.

Make a strategy

With most progress in life, getting a game a plan together can yield more success than trying to fly by the seat of your pants. Having an idea of what your next indicated step is will keep you on track and give you some much needed guidance.

Relapsing can wreck a great deal of havoc in an already chaotic world. The best thing you can do for your sobriety is to jump right back in, feet first, and start doing whatever it takes to change your addictive behaviors before it is too late.

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