What You Should Know About Flower Seeds Abuse

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When someone wants to get high, they may acquire anything they can to get to that point. You may think that this desperation only applies to someone that has exhausted all their money and have no way to purchase anymore drugs. Kids are actually in the same category because many of them do not have any means to get the drugs they desire. The teenagers that are looking for any way to get high will try just about anything to achieve it, even if it means using things that are not meant for human consumption.

A YouTube video showed an adolescent trying flower seeds to get high. His idea was to munch flower seeds that have psychedelic effects that are similar to those of LSD. By ingesting 300 to 400 flower seeds, one can get inebriated with finding the right kind. Although this video was one of the first of its kinds, children eating flower seeds to get high has been dated back beginning in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, because of this video, there were other teens who watched, tried the seeds because of his example, and got very sick afterwards because these seeds were meant to be planted, not to be eaten.

Flower seeds contain very high contents of lysergic acid amide (LSA) which has similar chemical properties to those of LSD. By eating the seeds or grinding them up and steeping them into a drink, a person will get a high that could prove to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Once seeds are ingested, they do not take effect right away which makes an impatient teenager put down more making them even sicker in the long run. A flower seed is an unrefined product that causes nausea in a human being’s stomach for at least the first hour. After the stomach sickness finally wears off, the psychedelic phase begins to ensue which puts a person in an almost catatonic state where they do not respond to anything going on around them.

The seeds in question were those of Morning Glory, but there are others that can give the same effects such as Poppy seeds, Stipa Robusta seeds, or Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. The seeds were taken off the shelves of some garden centers to stop the easy access to them. This has not been across the board though and are conveniently still for purchase online for delivery.

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