Tips to Have a Sober Fiesta on Cinco de Mayo

You may find yourself wanting to celebrate on Cinco de Mayo because it is what you do every year on May the 5th. In yesteryears you probably found yourself at the bar drinking margaritas and tequila shots. The only problem now is that you are sober and since Cinco de Mayo is considered a drinking holiday, you may need to find other ways that do not involve being in the bar getting drunk.

Throw together a cooking demo for tamales.

One of the staples of Mexican food is tamales. Buy the ingredients that are needed to make tamales from a local Mexican grocery and then start cooking. Find a YouTube video that can instruct you and your friends on how assemble tamales and cook them together. While the tamales are cooking, you can have some games to play like pin the tail on the donkey or smashing a piñata.

Put together a game of fútbol.

Now that it is springtime, the weather will be better to get out the soccer ball and play a game with some of your buddies. Getting some competitive juices flowing while getting some physical activity can really honor Mexico’s favorite sport. Instead of drinking a alcoholic beverage, you can kick the ball to score a GOOOOOOOOAL for sobriety.

Create your own fiesta.

The Mexican culture has a wonderful selection of cuisine to choose from. Set up a taco, enchilada, or fajita station so that people can load up their plates with these delicious foods and add toppings to them. Of course, you will need to provide chips and salsa along with a choice of Mexican non-alcoholic drinks such as horchata or aqua fresca.

Host a movie night.

Watch some of your favorite Mexican movies at your house. Viewing movies such as a The Three Amigos, Coco, La Bamba, Selena, or Spanglish can make you laugh or cry while observing Cinco de Mayo. Do not forget the popcorn, candy, and sodas because a movie is not the complete package without them.

Cinco de Mayo can be appreciated without so much a drink or drug if you want to. Capture the spirit of the holiday, which does not have to be associated with being under the influence as much as it should have to do with being creative with holidays, to remain sober and still have fun doing it. Rather than saying “Adios” when you pass out or blackout, you can exclaim, “Hola vida!”

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