Tips to be Grateful for What You Have in Sobriety

Society today can really dictate how you feel about yourself if you let it happen. Comparing yourself to others is a normal humanistic trait. Someone that says that they do not compare themselves just might veritably be a unicorn. If you just got sober, you might even take the comparison to a whole other extreme with the shame and guilt of addiction. What you really need to do instead of equating yourself is to be grateful for what you have in sobriety.

You may inquire on what it is exactly that you have that should give you gratitude. There are more choices than you may realize other than thinking that all material things in the world will fill your void. The truth is that you are alive and well and just might need some help to jumpstart your gratefulness.

Give back

One of the best ways to be grateful is to be of service to the people in your community. This not only gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizons to what you are truly capable of, but someone who is less fortunate can really help you to see what you have to be thankful for.

Write a list

Using a gratitude list as a source of perspective can be truly eye opening. Write five to ten things that you are thankful to have in your life. You may think that you may need more money or a better car, however, if you are breathing and able to think clearly, you should be grateful that you made it out of your addiction alive.  

Share your story

Remembering your past is a great asset to have and sharing your personal account of addiction puts into context what it was like and what it is like now. This is why your tumultuous yesteryear can make your present moment much more remarkable.

Set goals

Having something to strive for can help direct your energy in a positive direction. With goals, you can implement personal growth that can really show your progress. Sobriety may be your main priority, although you can set out to flourish at your job, in relationships, with hobbies you enjoy, or conquering a dream you put on hold for your addiction. Having the freedom to do activities that make you feel complete can be instrumental in significantly increasing your gratitude.

Being grateful for the life you get to live in sobriety is the very thing that will keep you going in your recovery. You should always remember where you can from because the only way is up when you remain grateful in sobriety.

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