Sixth Month: Sixth Step

Every month 12-Step programs bring into the spotlight the different steps that are in accordance of the number of the month. June is the sixth month of the year so the sixth step is highlighted in daily literature devotion so that in some meetings there can be a topic for each day. Once you get through the first five steps in order, you are faced with some introspective questions that make sure that you have done a thorough job at working the first five steps that are found on page 75 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in the chapter, Into Action.

Is our work solid so far? Are the stones properly in place? Have we skimped on the cement put into the foundation? Have we tried to make mortar without sand?

If you can honestly say yes to these questions, then you are ready to move onto Step Six which is meant to tackle the character defects that you learned from writing on your Fourth Step and then saying it out loud to another person during your Fifth Step. The exact nature of your wrongs will disclose themselves to you and you can begin to change them with the knowledge that you have obtained. If you use the essentials of recovery of honesty, open mindedness, and willingness, you are already well on your way with Step Six.

“Were entirely willing that God remove all these defects of character.”

The flaws that hold you back in your recovery can be let go of during this step. This is not a onetime gig as character defects will continue to pop up for the rest of your life and now you have a way to work on them ongoing. One of the most important aspects of this step is to work with a Higher Power to remove all the traits in your life that you deem are unfavorable. Some of your character defects will be removed immediately with your consent. Others will take some comprehension to figure out what they are and why you should get rid of them.

The key to this step is to remember that you are still a work in progress learning how to live on new and improved terms. Having a positive outlook on the constructive things you are doing for yourself can keep you on track to become the person that you had wished you could be but have the opportunity to now.

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