How to Renew Your Recovery for Spring

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How to Renew Your Recovery for Spring

Springtime is generally associated with regeneration, rebirth, and oh yeah, spring cleaning. Once winter has finished up, people are happy to stop wearing heavy clothes and get out of the house to enjoy some sunshine along with a warmer climate. Flowers begin to bloom, animals have their babies, and people delight in the beautifulness of the Equinox changes. All of this happens during Spring because of the longer days which stimulate humans as well as nature to become more active to wipe away the winter blues.

Recovery is also about regeneration, rebirth, and oh yeah, house cleaning. This type of cleaning is not of the conventional type of scrubbing something soap, but as a metaphor to clean out your insides. Addiction can take a toll on someone’s mental and spiritual state causing negativity to infiltrate your entire being making it abundantly clear that you need to renew yourself in recovery.

Declutter your soul.

There will come a time in your recovery will you will be just tired of having to carry around your excess baggage. This kind of baggage comes from trauma, abuse, low self-esteem, and degrading behaviors that tend to make you feel worthless. Get rid of your shortcomings by going to therapy and attending a 12-Step program because these types of activities can help you to get to the root cause and process the situation for what it is without having to use drugs and alcohol hold you back any longer.

Polish your reflection.

Shame and guilt are most likely the emotions that come up when you think back to what you did during your addiction. It is important to continuously remind yourself where you came from and what your history entails so that you never have to repeat the same demoralizing experiences again. Keeping in mind what actually happens when you are high or drunk can give you a healthy fear of your addiction to continue to keep you sober one day at a time.

Sweep away resentments.

Holding onto grudges can keep you in constant anger, annoyance, and inconvenience because you are really just overthinking how you have been wronged instead of appreciating how you have been righted. Changing your perspective can bring about huge changes in the manner you view the world and the people that are in it.  

Renewing your recovery is imperative to keep you from getting stagnant within your sobriety. Staying current and fresh with the things that have managed to get you sober can help you to fill the void with something more meaningful to exhibit how you can really enjoy life.

Renewal Recovery Solutions can help someone that is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction by providing them with innovative clinical services with a traditional therapeutic curriculum. We want to equip our clients with a sustainable rehabilitation by awakening their uniquely positive characteristics through their own personal recovery.

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