Reasons Why Trauma and Addiction Go Together

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Statistics show that trauma is a one of the most prevalent reasons that people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the torment. The brain is completely affected by any trauma including that of violence, death, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. Different parts of the brain are stimulated through post-trauma by overthinking the fear that has been caused, constantly reliving the encounter to a fault, or wanting to forget about what happened by abusing drugs or alcohol so the trauma will get buried in their subconscious.


  • 25 to 75 percent of people that have endured abuse or violence develop substance abuse issues.  



  • 30 percent of survivors from accidents, illness, or natural disasters have been reported to abuse mind-altering substances.



  • 60 percent of women who were treated for drug or alcohol abuse have a history of childhood neglect or abuse.



  • 80 percent of both males and females have stated during rehab that they were sexually abused or neglected during their childhood.


The natural instinct for all of the people that fit into a trauma induced addiction was to reach for something like a drug or a drink to make them feel instantaneously better about their dire situation. Trauma creates an overwhelming response that turns into a survival instinct where most people want to just forget the terrible incident that they had to go through. Rather than acknowledging the trauma that they have experienced, addiction may become the only way they can push through their pain.

Looking at the pain in a straightforward manner can seem foreign to someone who cannot deal with what really happened to them. Most of the time, the trauma may be suppressed which can resurface in other ways that are that apparent to the victim. By keeping the torment to themselves, they are actually robbing themselves of the chance to work through the problems that inadvertently transpire from the stress they felt.

There is treatment for trauma and addiction which is largely based off getting the victim to feel safe so that they can open up about what happened to them during the trauma and what they can do to help them get past the torment. Although trauma is not necessarily a surefire way to get addicted to drugs and alcohol, addictions often follow trauma for many people. The point is for a person to recognize their trauma as part of their past so that they can move onward into their future.

If you or someone that you know is struggling with drugs and alcohol, Renewal Recovery Solutions can be the treatment program that can help you to become sober. The staff at our facility understands the importance of helping our clients to help create a healthy support system that can show them the way in recovery.

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