Reasons Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Addiction takes away happiness that people should feel with each line, each drag, or each drink that they take. Drugs and alcohol suck the joy right out of people that are exhibiting signs of substance abuse which probably keeps them from experiencing any laughter in their life. What a shame that can be because laughter has been shown by many studies to be a wonderful antidote to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and conflict.

The effects of laughter can greatly enhance the mood of individuals that like to giggle on a regular basis. When something is funny, and laughter ensues, it just feels good to have a chuckle with loved ones. Endorphins are released along with burning a few extra calories on the side. Anger can be diffused quickly by sharing a good laugh with someone that may lighten an otherwise acrimonious disposition.

Improved body function is also a plus when a person exhibits laughter on a regular basis. Research has shown that those with a strong sense of humor can increase blood flow through laughter which can protect against cardiovascular ailments. Stress hormones can also decrease which produces higher amounts of antibodies that fight infection and makes the immune system stronger. Laughter is also a great way to relieve tension through relaxing a person’s muscles.

Mental health can be positively altered with a healthy laugh life. Smiling and laughing has a profound effect on someone’s perspective in life and can be contagious with how others view them. Stress and loneliness can be reduced because laughing can provide emotional medicine that primes the brain to erase the negativity with the humor that just draws a person to want to be part of the laughter.

One of the best ways to build laughter in a somebody’s life is just to simply start smiling and allowing funny and playful people into their company. The more they gravitate towards gratitude and fun, the lighter they will feel. Going to comedy shows, funny movies, playing games like Cards Against Humanity or Telestrations, or hanging out with friends that are crack ups can be instrumental in making an individual feel a lighter in their shoes.

Laughter is something that is a natural part of the human makeup. Life on life’s term can take away the ability to want to be happy, but someone can continue to be light-hearted if they choose to. Let laughter be the best medicine by turning that frown upside down.

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