Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Los Angeles

It can be difficult to determine if one has an addiction. Frequently, a working professional conceals their drug or alcohol dependence due to their capacity to maintain their life’s obligations. This “functioning-addict” often compartmentalizes and justifies their habit. However, many professionals have realized the destruction that addiction has caused in their lives, prompting them to seek treatment. Renewal Health Group is proud to offer addiction treatment for professionals in Los Angeles.

Renewal’s Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Los Angeles

At Renewal, we do not feel it is right to punish an individual seeking a life of sobriety. Our desire for you is to maintain the life for which you have worked, for it to be available to you upon your treatment’s completion. Our goal for you is not merely for you to survive but rather to thrive.

We make certain accommodations on a case-by-case basis. To discover which customized executive programming we can offer for your unique scenario, please contact our admissions team.


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