Is There a Link Between Addiction and Anxiety?

Trying to figure out if addiction is followed by anxiety or if anxiety comes before addiction can be difficult to interpret for someone who suffers from both. There are many symptoms and conditions of anxiety and addiction that affect millions of people separately and millions more that must deal with them both simultaneously. Many people who have an anxiety disorder may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the negative feelings that they endure and become addicted in the process. On the other hand, someone that has a substance abuse disorder can experience the anxiety as a side effect to the drugs or alcohol that they are consuming.


When someone has anxiety, they may be prescribed a medication to alleviate the symptoms that they are encountering. The symptoms may continue to persist which will lead them to take more drugs or to drink more alcohol that may actually make the situation even worse than when the anxiety began to happen. Instead of having what might have been perceived as a simple case of nerves, the chemical makeup of the brain may be changed leading to a full-blown addiction.


An individual that develops an addiction to drugs and alcohol can begin to experience constant worry, nervousness, panic, or impending doom. Not only can these symptoms manifest during heavy substance abuse, but they can remain for weeks even after someone stops using drugs and alcohol to stop the anxiety. They can very easily become more susceptible to wanting to turn back to their mind-altering substances that make them feel better because it seems like the natural thing to do. The delusion is that they are treating anxiety that stems from drugs and alcohol abuse with more substance abuse which ultimately makes the cycle continue.

Once someone is committed to getting help for their dual diagnosis of anxiety and addiction, treatment is the next step. Finding a treatment center that caters to anxiety and addiction will produce long-lasting effects better than someone that tries to go through their recovery alone. The main focus of rehab is to regulate an individual’s addiction, take control of their anxiety, and adapt to a new way of living. A person must first start with a safe medical detox off drugs and alcohol and then move onto dealing with both of their disorders while being sober. Therapy and medication are used together to help reduce the symptoms of addiction and anxiety so that anybody that has problems with these co-occurring disorders can have a new lease on life.

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