Is Ketamine Safe for Depression?

Finding ways to cope with major depression can be disheartening for some people to say the least. Trying to find the right medication along with keeping up with self-care can make some people want to give up finding the answers and continue to be depressed. These days everywhere you turn there is a new cure or medication that can boost cheerfulness and contentment to contest the symptoms of depression. Some work, some do not, and some are just controversial.

One of those medication that is dubious in nature but has been investigated for depression is an anesthesia called Ketamine. The main use for this drug started back in the 1970’s during the Vietnam War when the United States approved Ketamine. During a war, Ketamine was used largely as a surgical anesthesia for the soldiers who were injured. Although Ketamine, which is called by it brand name Ketalar, has been named as one of the effective, safe, and essential medicines needed in a health system, but like with most drugs people have found a way to abuse it for their own recreational means.

The trance-like state and sedation that Ketamine provides is appealing to people that crave the effects of drugs. Ketamine can be snorted, injected, smoked, or swallowed in pill form and known on the street as “Special K”. Abusing Ketamine can be a dangerous choice because overdosing can happen very easily because of its potency and through misuse although the outcome is different for someone who uses the medication properly.

Using Ketamine for depression has been shown to be effective for many people in the several dozen clinics that administer the drug in only 12 states where it is has become available. The drug is delivered to the brain intravenously through a vein because that method has shown to be most efficient. Overall, Ketamine helps to block receptors in the brain that is thought to be responsible for depression. While antidepressants can take weeks to build up their efficacy, Ketamine has proven to work instantaneously.   

One of the downsides to Ketamine is that it is mind-altering even in lower doses. Someone that is trying to maintain their sobriety may have to change their sobriety date to accommodate the medication for their depression even though the “high” only last around 45 minutes with a treatment that lasts for around a week. There is not a cookie cutter solution for depression and consulting with your doctor about Ketamine would be your first step.

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