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Two beautiful locations, one powerful mission.

We get it  — it can be a huge, daunting decision to get help for an addiction. In between deciding you need help, to making the first phone call, there is also the sometimes overwhelming task of finding a treatment center that fits your treatment program and method preferences, as well as location.

What is that old saying? Ah, yes. “Location, location, location.” Location can mean a lot — especially when you’re getting treatment for addiction — and we want you to have the best options.

Why does location matter?

Sometimes, people have a preference for certain locations based on where their family is living, or where they’ve always dreamed of settling down. It is not uncommon for people to go to a rehabilitation center and then, once they’ve found sobriety, they settle in the city they got sober in. When you’re in a treatment program in a specific city, people often make friends, find work, build a community of trust and support. Location is very important.

What locations are possible?

There are addiction treatment centers all over the world. However, if you’re in The United States, you may not want to travel across the world for your treatment. At Renewal Health Group, we have several different facilities based in both sunny Los Angeles, California and Palm Springs, California. Both cities hold several of our fine, luxury treatment centers that can accommodate the specific needs of each individual. Each of our centers has several beautiful, luxury facilities to stay at such as these.

  • Sanctuary Treatment CenterSanctuary Treatment Center is located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. We provide an intimate group setting that fosters an environment where clients feel safe and comfortable. We create individualized treatment plans placing value on the customization to each individual’s various needs. Our facility has a maximum of 6 beds, which provides the personal attention and dedication required to overcoming an alcohol and/or drug addiction.


  • Phoenix Rising Treatment Center: Phoenix Rising is located in sunny Palm Springs, California. was created with the vision of providing a boutique serene trauma-based program designed to accommodate the cultural sensitivities of minority ethnic communities. Our extremely high staff to client ratio allows for our clients to receive unlimited individual therapy in addition to specialized team of trauma specialist which offer cutting edge modalities of treatment such as neuro and bio feedback EMDR, psycho drama, and equine therapy on our 4 acre ranch.

    We place a special emphasis on the families with our weekly family sessions. Our program is designed to maximize our outcome and results by providing assistance with job placement, case management for up to a year, and quarterly alumni events to maintain the sense of community and inspiration that they received from our program, as well as provide a platform to maintain a residual relationship with our clinical team. That is one of the key factors in our very high success rate. Our cultural sensitivity foundation allows us to accommodate faith based cultures with unique cultural needs, such as kosher cuisine, Shabbat observance, and faith based chaplains who provide a religious character to those who need that in their master treatment plan.

    What do our clients say about our locations?

    “Not like most treatment centers at all and I’ve been to 10 others, the staff is very caring and compassionate and they go out of their way to make sure our stay with them is as good and beneficial as possible. I’ve been here 3 months now and hope to be here a while longer. The facility itself is beautiful and well kept and the food is freakin awesome. If your serious about recovery and want a program that’s gonna set you up for success this is the place to go.” – Joe S.

“Phoenix Rising has saved my life! The staff here really understands the disease of addiction. The facility is absolutely gorgeous. When I got here I was completely broken, but they greeted me with open arms. I’ve never felt more at home in my life. Since being here at Phoenix Rising, my family has returned to my life, I am currently employed and I have also enrolled in school. These things would have never been possible if it hadn’t been for the amazing staff here. I have a new family here and am grateful today. Thank You Phoenix Rising!” – Patrick C.

“As a former client here I can honestly say that this place saved my life. The treatment team was amazing and they incorporate all aspects of living a healthy life. Including regular massages, daily yoga and trips to the gym. The owner is incredible and really cares about helping people. It’s a very high end facility with no more than 6 patients at a time to ensure each client gets individualized care. I would highly recommend this facility- if you are looking to get sober, this is THE place!!” – Ashley A.

“Best experience ever. Life changing. Owners take great pride and care in their clients even after treatment. Gave me a life worth living!” – Sean R.

Do you or someone you know need addiction treatment?

At Renewal Health Group, we want to help you discover the real You, free from the chains of addiction. Our team is a carefully assembled group of sophisticated healthcare professionals who have found their calling in providing therapeutic healing for the disease of addiction, with a supreme focus on results and outcomes.

If you or someone you needs treatment, call our caring team at (888) 226-7413.


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