Fifth Month – Fifth Step

Each month a step is highlighted in a 12-Step program that can be found congruent to the number of the month. Even though many people that desire to stay sober are willing to do their step work, they may not really want to. As the steps progress, the road gets narrower because people start to see they must practice the principles in all their affairs or they will only white knuckle their sobriety with little to no growth.

In May, the Fifth Step gets recommended in meetings and in daily devotion literature to help members learn more about its proposal.

“Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

The structure of the Step Five is what really scares people that have struggled with addiction. Many times, past behaviors turn into shame and guilt which gets buried in hopes of never having to face it again. The problem with the suppression of foregoing humiliation is that it does not really go away and will surface at some point in other ways. Being able to be rigorously honest with a Higher Power, another human being, and even more terrifying with yourself, can be difficult, but can ultimately be the relief that you did not even realize that you needed.

Step Five is listed as a vital step that should not be missed. If you were to skip this part of your step work, you will probably relapse at some point because we remain as sick as our secrets. The Fifth Step can give you relief from all the terrible pain that is caused from keeping covert information to yourself. Working this step with someone you trust is important and should be done in the spirit of “the truth will set you free”. Once you reveal the deepest and darkest parts of your past, you can move on knowing that you no longer need to run from what you have been hiding from all along.

This step should be shared with someone that you trust such as a sponsor, a therapist, or a pastor. Keep in mind that somebody that is in recovery, like your sponsor, has probably done something like what you have done under the influence which can make it easier to show your true colors to someone that can relate to your duplicitous times. Whomever you choose to take you through this step is important and can be instrumental in helping you to lighten your load.

Renewal Recovery Solutions uses 12-step therapy with traditional and holistic therapies to get the best results out of treatment. We recognize the importance of helping our clients create a healthy support system that they can integrate into their daily life once they have finished our program.

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