Faith Over Fear

Fear is everywhere and probably a normal part of your daily feelings. You may not be afraid to the extreme that it will stifle your daily activities, but fears crop up when you fret about what someone thinks of you, are anxious about not have money for something that you want to purchase, worry that your child will hurt themselves by falling, or afflicted about being late for a commitment. Having fears can be emotionally crippling at times and other times it may be a brief moment of angst that goes away after a logical thought. The one thing that is certain is where there is fear there usually is not faith because they do not ordinarily coexist.

Fear creates chaos and attempts to capitalize on the negativity that will make you think that you will not be able to accomplish anything worthwhile. This can bring about consistent despair and hopelessness which can limit your ability to connect to a Higher Power and increase your faith that everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to. Putting faith into action can change your coping mechanisms to turn to a spiritual solution rather than to turn to drugs or alcohol and let the fear fester into something that can spiral out of control.

Faith is the courage that allows you to walk through your fears as they pop up. The more you let go of the fear and trudge through it, your faith begins to strengthen. For most people this is not an overnight sensation. Going through each encounter and appreciating the experience no matter how difficult the fear becomes is how your faith will deepen. Seeing the God shots and seeing the current day miracles can really open the eyes of someone in their experience, strength, and hope.

Faith must be practiced on a regular basis so that when stressful time begin to surface, you will automatically know what to do. Using tools such as meditation, going to meetings, supplication, or a daily devotional can get you to understand your faith and take advantage of the usefulness it can add in your life. The saying, “Faith without works is dead,” means that faith without effort is like a body that is a corpse with no life. To keep faith alive, you will need to find ways to enhance your belief in a Higher Power.

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