What Should I Disclose About My Addiction at a Job Interview?

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One of the life skills that you will most likely learn in your rehabilitation facility is reasons why you will need to get a job once you leave. The main intention is to help support you financially while giving you value in responsibility. Whether you are getting a new job, changing jobs, or beginning a new career, one of the most frightening aspects for most people is the job interviewing process – especially if you suffer from addiction.

You may wonder how you will get through filling out the application or answering the questions of the interviewer without disclosing all of your past history that pertains to your addiction. The good news is that you do have to share anything with your potential employer that you do not wish to unless it will affect your ability to do your job which sometimes can be difficult to figure out.

You have record

Most companies these days run a background check on their employees so if you have misdemeanors or felonies you will want to disclose that information because it reflects better on you to tell the truth from the get go rather than letting them catch you in a lie.

You may be tempted

There are some fields, such as bartending or nursing, where you will be surrounded by copious amount of drugs or alcohol that may bring about cravings and triggers to which you may not be able to handle. Disclosing that you have an addiction may do one of two things: have them watch over you like a hawk or help you to keep the allurement under control because you were candid from the beginning.

You cannot take it back

Once the cat is out of the bag about your addiction, you cannot take it back. You may need to take some time to decide if you need to be open about your addiction or not. Sometimes there is no need to disclose the information which may keep you ostracized from the rest of the employees if they knew. They may keep their distance from you if they are heavy drinkers or users and view you as a different because you no longer drink or use.

Before you interview you should weigh out the pros and cons disclosing your addiction to an employer. In the spirit of rigorous honesty, you must make a decision that may affect your entire career. Choose wisely so that you can continue to trudge the road of happy destiny.

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