Why Change is Inevitable in Recovery

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done. The point is that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting because nothing changes if nothing changes. This type of perspective is one that can evoke change that is also used to evoke change in recovery. What must happen when you get sober is that you will have to change one thing – that is everything.

Change your crowd

If you continue to hang around the same people in sobriety that you hung out with while you abused drugs and alcohol, you will have greater temptations to use and drink again. There may be individuals in your group that may not understand why you had to stop and pressure you to have one drink or take one hit. Eventually, you will wonder why you got sober in the first place because you will talk yourself into thinking that you are not as bad as you once thought you were. Hanging around sober peeps will be a reminder of what it used to be like and what you are like now.

Change your scenery  

Even though your gig may be to go to concerts, watch sporting games, or hang out in a bar, if you go where alcohol is served or go to where people use drugs, you may start getting triggers and cravings from watching people drink and use. Go to a meeting instead because you can hear solution on how people stayed sober when they changed their stomping grounds and how much it made a difference in their sobriety.

Change your attitude

You may think that drugs and alcohol make you more fun and cool although the reality is that they alter your personality when use in excess and sometimes make you do things that you regret. Your first thought may be how boring it will be to be sober. That is just nonsense. Sobriety is full of fun times and you will be able to remember everything afterwards.

Change your direction

If you have had enough of going down, then start moving onward. You have created enough wreckage already. There are tools that can help you to work through your issues and adjust your sails into recovery.

When you were drinking and using, you probably lived the same way day in and day out. When you are in recovery, you can make some revisions that will be life-changing.

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