How Can I Stop a SUD Before it Even Stops?

A person that is addicted to drugs and alcohol may have been asked a time or two, “Why don’t you just stop.” This may seem like a profound statement coming from someone who does not have to deal with an addiction. For someone with an addiction this may appear to be quite absurd because they probably think, “don’t you think I would stop if I could?” Most addicted people cannot stop the insanity of their addiction, so they just keep drinking or using because it seems like the easiest thing to do.

In reality, this theory works in the sense of just not ever starting substance use before substance abuse starts. Someone with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), or what is typically referred to as a substance abuse disorder, may be prevented with the proper awareness and education. This would not be across the board, but even if one person could be spared of the heartache of addiction with some advisement, this would be considered a win.

Educate before you participate

There are studies and information that you can look at to show you how harmful drugs and alcohol are before you partake. Drinking and using can look like fun although for some people there are more long-term consequences than it’s worth to get the short-term pleasure.

Be a sober statistic

With over 21 million people suffering from a substance use disorder, you can steer clear from doing the same. People may think you are a square and that is really okay. You will want to stay in a box rather than be buried in a box, which is one of the things that can happen to someone that abuses drugs and alcohol.  

Think before you drink or use

If you have addiction in your family or you have experienced addiction from a friend or a coworker, then pay attention to what it could be like and heed the warning. Addiction is difficult on the body, the mind, and spirit and could be avoided by not taking a drink or using a drug in the first place.

Not too many people wish to admit that they have a problem with drugs and alcohol because for some reason they think they have failed in some way. In reality, being able to admit that you need help is actually a sign of strength because you can move forward in a much better way.

Renewal Recovery Solutions can help someone who is struggling with drugs and alcohol to become sober because we are in the business of caring. We know that our clients need a time to heal and we offer a treatment program that will awaken their inner spirit of enduring recovery.

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