Best Ways to Right Your Wrongs

People hurt each other all the time in a variety of ways. Someone with an addiction especially will probably do many things that hurt their loved ones. Whether it be through unkind words, gossiping, property damage, unpaid loans, or not keeping their word, the list is long for what wrongs people do to one another. The hardest part in the error of these ways is righting the wrongs that have been committed.  Entitlement, self-righteousness, ignorance, pride, and just plain bad manners can keep a feud going instead of getting to the point of where reparations are made.

You must take the opportunity to clean up the mess that has been created to move on free and clear of resentment. Without taking this action, you will stay entwined with negative emotions that will most likely not go away until you are ready to clear up any wrongdoing. Cleaning up your side of the street will probably even help you more than it will help them.

Just admit it

To let go of the past, you must take care of what needs to be resolved in the moment to have a better future. By letting someone know that you have wronged them you will start the ball rolling for forgiveness which is a stride in the right direction. If you are working a 12-Step program, writing an amends letter during your Ninth Step can give you the direction that you need to clean up the wreckage of the past.

Learn from it

One of the tools that you can use to better yourself is to turn your mistakes into awareness of what not to do. Taking the initiative to decipher the things that hurt others and try not to do them anymore is the greatest teaching tool to make yourself more improved moving forward.

Move on from it

Instead of harboring the mistakes you have made, let them go and keep on keeping on. By admitting them and learning from them, you have already made huge measures that will help you to keep moving onward from the negativity.

The truth is that you are human, and you will continuously make mistakes – it is inevitable. How you react to your misgivings will make a big difference when you are willing to right your wrongs.

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