Why is Alcohol Referred to as “Spirits”?

Alcohol has many different names that it goes by. Booze, an elixir, hooch, moonshine, liquid courage, and most definitely spirits. The meaning behind spirits comes from how the alcohol is distilled into a strong liquor such as bourbon, vodka, or gin. A liquid containing ethyl alcohol and water mixed together will eventually vaporize the water into an alcoholic liquid or a mash. The vapor that came out of the alcoholic liquor was referred to as the “spirit” which was instrumental in making the alcohol more potent. Thus, drinking the distilled liquor made someone become filled with the invisible “spirit” of the fermented liquid which was told as to what made someone act crazy when they drank in excess.

Alcohol can be described as something that someone uses to fill the void otherwise known as the black hole that is covered by the shell of a person. In order to completely fill the void, one would continue to drink more and more to try and be fulfilled. During this process, a person’s spirit is basically lost, and alcohol takes over. The next day when an individual is reminded of what they did when they were drinking they may be instantly haunted by the “spirit” of alcohol.  

Someone that is in recovery may have a whole other take on why alcohol is a “spirit” to them. Alcohol addiction can take over someone’s whole demeanor and get them possessed and then depressed. Alcohol takes away someone’s inhibitions making them act like a completely different person under the influence. An individual will become more gregarious, take greater risks, and become more irrational with their emotions. Since alcohol is considered a depressant, a person will become slowed in their speech and in their motor skills then most likely convert into a melancholy and despondent mess. This “spirit” takes over and consistently rears its ugly face. The only thing that will make the “spirit” manageable is using recovery tools to combat it.

While “spirits” are merely a nickname for alcohol, the reasons why the name was shaped makes sense on many different levels. Ultimately for someone that should not drink, looking at alcohol for what it really does to a person is important. Soul searching for the right actions can keep your spirit in check.

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