From Addict to Health Mogul? The Melissa Hartwig Success Story

Everyone has a story. Even famous and successful people have skeletons in their closet. These backstories can either make or break a person depending on what choices they make especially when it comes to addiction. There are some people that just cannot change their ways and get out of the pit of despair, while others will claw and fight their way out of their pit because they realize that they are done with drugs and alcohol.  

One of these people is Melissa Hartwig who is the founder of the Whole30 diet. Her diet consists of strictly eating vegetables, meats, and seafood while excluding sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy from someone’s diet. She has over 600,000 followers on Facebook, over 3.5 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag, #Whole30, and has sold over two million copies her book, The Whole30. Another huge part of her success is partnering with big names such as Blue Apron and Whole Foods Market and allowing them to license the trademark name of Whole30.

Before all her success, Hartwig had a really dark time in her life where she was addicted to drugs. She went to college at the age of 19 where she had her first encounter with drugs. Hartwig tried any type of drug she could get her hands on which eventually led her to dropping out of the University of New Hampshire. For the next six years she struggled with drug abuse until her then boyfriend adamantly told her to go to rehab. She has said her success started in rehab because she made the necessary changes for the rest of her life there.

Once she got out of rehab, she went and worked out the gym for the first time ever which started her journey to improve her life. While honing her diet regime, Hartwig got a job at an insurance company in the meantime where she moved up the ranks during the next ten years. While providing for her family, she was also consistently working 30 hours a week to build her brand and promote her Whole30 diet plan.

One of the reasons that she started the diet is because like most people that have substance abuse, addiction trickles into other areas of their life. For Hartwig, she realized that it was also happening with food. Since she had become clean and sober, she also wanted her food to be clean as well which turned out to be a blessing. Her biggest reward to date, besides sobriety, is altering her life in a positive way so she could show others how to become healthy.

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