4 Tips to Improve Your Relationships in Sobriety

Plain and simple – relationships in any capacity are difficult to manage. Then you add trying to stay sober by enduring the high and lows that relationships of professional, romantic, domestic, and friendship bring about and it is exhausting at times. On the other hand, there is no way that you could be successful in sobriety without having the support that your loved ones and recovery allies give you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. These relationships are important to cultivate by continually finding ways to improve them.

Talk less and listen more.

With social media today you have a platform to get your opinions and thoughts out there. Sometimes this activity can trickle into your personal relationships because you may think your opinions and thoughts should be expressed. Keep in mind that some people are not ready to be instructed and just need someone to listen to them. You can be of great help to someone when you let them vent about what they have been holding onto.

Be the encouragement that someone needs.

Everyone seems to be a critic these days, but that does not mean you have to be. Find the positive attributes about the people that you are with and share them. You will pleasantly surprise them with your kind and loving gesture. The golden rule helps you to show others how you want to be treated. When you encourage others you in return can be encouraged.

Have fun instead of making fun.

Joking around with someone at the expense of their feelings is not really very fun at all for the person that is the target of your humor. Sometimes the “jokes” can be hurtful even when that was not your intention. Find more creative ways to have fun with your friends and family that involves laughter that is not meant to hurt someone’s feelings.

The only person you should change is yourself.

Focus your attention on your personal growth. When you start trying to make changes in others, many times they will become resentful for that you are not accepting them for who they already are. Remember what you liked about them in the beginning of your relationship and appreciate those qualities rather than expecting them to change for your approval.

Relationships are vital for your recovery and you should do what it takes to maintain healthy ones in sobriety. Understanding how to preserve the relationships that you have will help you to prepare for new ones that you will continuously encounter throughout your life.  

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